Hot Pepper And Its Effects on Our Health – Chili Pepper Remedies

In the homeopathic treatment is often mentioned that pepper is an herb that promotes longevity and is a powerful stimulant and can cure various diseases. For medicinal purposes, it is used as a tea or as gelatin capsules, taken with a glass of water. Cayenne pepper is a tropical species that have small flowers and dry fruit with many flat seeds.

Treating Affections With Red Watermelon

Tasty, juicy, inexpensive, readily available, red watermelon is not just a food but a tremendous natural product. In China or Japan is customary that when you are invited to dinner, in the form of a gift, instead of the usual bottle of wine, a watermelon is given. This usually confirms the importance it has in the diet, and for good health.

Cabbage Juice – Therapeutic Indications

Cabbage juice is obtained by squeezing the fresh cabbage leaves. Be sure to wash the leaves well. It is an excellent tonic, purifying, anti-inflammatory, as recommended in more than fifty diseases. It is distinguished by the fact that unlocks the bowel, through its effect of stimulating and normalizing the digestion and, not least through its anticancer action.

A Carrot A Day, For A Healthy Body

Over time, various studies have revealed many health benefits of carrot. Carrots are an excellent source of antioxidants known as carotenoids. A diet rich in carotenoids was strongly related to a decreased risk of breast cancer after menopause, but also with a predisposition to diminish ovarian problems, bladder, cervix, prostate, colon, larynx and esophagus problems.