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What Is Fluctuating Blood Pressure?

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Diagnosis of oscillating blood pressure does not exists in the standard classification of blood pressure levels. 120/80 is considered a normal blood pressure but must take into account the age and clinical condition of the patient. It is important to note that blood pressure oscillations can occur depending on where the measurements are carried out.

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West Nile Virus – Simptoms, Prevention And Treatment

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West Nile virus belongs to the Flavivirida family and is in the same phylogenetic group of flaviviruses as encephalitis viruses. A complex of viruses that are found both in tropical regions, as well as in temperate ones. The virus primarily affects birds but can infect people, horses, dogs, bats, monkeys, squirrels and house mice. In humans, the virus is transmitted through the bite of a mosquito. In 90% of cases, West Nile virus infections in humans are asymptomatic.

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The Danger Of Eating Meat!

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Meat contains a high proportion of uric acid, one of the waste that results from cell activity. The kidneys filter uric acid in the blood and send him into the bladder where it is eliminated with the urine as urea. If the uric acid is rapidly and completely extracted from the blood, it accumulates in the joints, causing gout occurrence, and kidneys, causing the appearance of gallstones, and cause other serious diseases that can degenerate into leukemia.

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