How Can I Be A Better Mother

There is no perfect answer to this question, as every mother is different and what works for one mother may not work for another. However, there are some general tips that can help any mother be a better mother. One of the most important things a mother can do is to nurture her own wellbeing. This means taking care of herself physically, emotionally, and mentally. When a mother is physically healthy, she has more energy to take care of her family. When she is emotionally and mentally healthy, she is better able to handle the challenges of motherhood. There are Continue reading How Can I Be A Better Mother

Pregnant Woman Needs

Darkness and solitude: the pregnant woman in its active labor, should stand alone in a discreet lit room. Strong light presence in the room and too many people around can prevent the woman to focus and deal with painful contractions. Neither a large medical staff should not be in her room.

The 6 Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special state, characterized by the women’s period in which she holds in the body the product of conception, the baby’s future. Once the task in the whole body and every organ in particular certain changes occur, they are purely physiological and are caused by fetal maturation. Here are the six signs of pregnancy: