Infertile Period and Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Infertile period is characterized by the interval between two menstrual ovulations. When you are outside of the ovulation period, it means you are in the infertile period. Although theoretically there is no chance to get pregnant during this time, doctors warn that getting pregnant can happen anytime in the menstrual cycle, if you have unprotected sex.

Learn the Signs of Ovulation


When using a natural method of family planning, you have to pay attention to the signs sent by your body during ovulation. Your body undergo specific changes as you get closer to ovulation period and change again when ovulation ends. Once you learn the signs of ovulation, you’ll be able to create your own fertility chart to know what are the fertile periods.

Fertility – Easy Methods For Getting Pregnant

How to improve fertility and get pregnant

It seems simple things are what counts when it comes to boosting fertility. In the following article, you will find expert advice to help you understand what may be wrong in what you do.