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5 Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients That You Can’t Afford to Miss

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It’s often seen as the root cause of a number of diseases, such as hay fever, arthritis, and more. Unfortunately, it also tends to get worse because of a number of habits that we maintain in our day to day lives – and a lot of it comes back to the foods that we eat.

Well thankfully, there’s a solution!

Or actually, there are quite a few. An added benefit is that a good number of them are nutrients that you can incorporate into your daily routine through a healthy diet.

Have you heard of these 5:

1. Bromelain

This little enzyme is found in pineapple, and it’s actually the reason why the fruit carries its bright yellow color wherever it goes.

But that’s not all it does!

Did you know that bromelain is also beneficial when it comes minimizing inflammation after a workout? It also helps repair muscles after you put them under a heavy round of stress. Sounds like a perfect post-workout fruit, right? Research has also gone into the inflammation relieving effects of pineapple and the results indicate that it’s a great option for people suffering from arthritis and joint pain.

2. Monosaturated Fat

Forget the old myth that fat is bad for you. That one was squashed years ago. These days, more and more benefits are being found for certain types of fats that are actually good for your health.

Monosaturated fats help protect your cardiovascular system by controlling your cholesterol – at the same time, they help reduce inflammation and even contribute to balancing your overall blood sugar levels.


3. Gingerol

Guess where you can find this valuable nutrient? That’s right, ginger! In a number of different studies, ginger has been found beneficial when it comes to easing muscle and joint pain. It helps calm down inflammation and swelling to make your life just a little bit easier.

Note: Some bodies of research even indicate that the antioxidants in ginger can help fight various forms of cancer.

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