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5 Exercises for a More Sculpted Body

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exercises for a more sculpted body

Looking for a way to get your body in better shape? Achieving the perfect sculpted body is now easier than ever with these five exercises. This article outlines what each exercise does and also lists videos that teach you how to do each one correctly. In five minutes, you could be on your way to being fit and good looking!

Doing any of these workouts is a great start on the road to improved health, but if you’re looking for even more ways to improve your fitness, check out our other related articles too.

Incline Pull-Ups

Incline pull-ups are a great way to get your chest, upper back and arms in good shape. These can be easily done at home or at the gym. To do them correctly, grab a bar with your hands approximately shoulder width apart and place your feet on the floor.

Unable your upper body away from the bar with straight arms until they are fully extended. Hold this position for two seconds and slowly lower back down to the starting position. Try to get eight to ten repetitions in three sets per day for the best results.

Clean and Press

The clean and press is a great exercise to work on your shoulders, back and chest. It can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells and can be easily performed at home or in the gym. The clean involves taking a barbell from the floor to get it moving, then lifting it above your head as you walk forward with it.

As you finish this step, you should bring the bar up until it is over your head before taking two steps forward with the weight held overhead. You should use an overhand grip on the bar for this exercise. Finish this set by pressing the weight overhead as it goes back down to your chest. Do this three times and then switch to the weighted push-press.

Goblet Squats

The goblet squat is a great exercise for your legs, but it can also be used to work on your glutes, quadriceps and abdominals. Like the clean and press, you can do this exercise with either barbells or dumbbells and perform it at home or at the gym.

Unlike the other two exercises listed above, the goblet squat requires you to hold the weights out in front of you instead of holding them over your head as you perform them. Start out by holding either a barbell or dumbbells in both hands while standing, then step your feet about shoulder width apart and lower down into a squat.

Push your hips back while keeping the bar resting on your shoulders. When you are standing, make sure that the weights are fully extended over your hands before taking two steps forward.

Hold this position for two seconds before slowly returning to the starting position and repeating these steps for as many repetitions as possible. To do this exercise with dumbbells instead of a barbell, use one hand to hold them at the top of each rep and use the other hand to take each step.

Jumping Jacks

The jumping jack is a great way to work on your legs and core. It can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells and can be performed at home or at the gym.

To perform it correctly, start off by assuming a kneeling position with your hands placed behind your head. Then assume a jumping jack position by moving one leg forward so that your knee goes over the other and you are in push-up position.

Jump up and down as fast as possible for eight to 12 repetitions and then repeat this for three sets per day.


The V-ups are another great exercise to work on your core and legs. It can be easily performed at home or at the gym. To do them correctly, start out by lying on your back with your feet placed together and your knees forming a 90-degree angle.

Bend both arms so that your hands are touching the floor then raise yourself up until you are almost vertical. From here, bend both arms and bring them down until you’re back in the starting position. This movement should be done as quickly as possible for a total of 100 repetitions in three sets per day to attain optimal results.

With some of these exercises in your routine, you will be on your way to getting a more sculpted body. These five exercises will help you get there faster and they all work out different parts of your body so you can always focus on the area that needs it most as you progress through them.

Once you are able to hit each rep with perfect form, increase the amount of repetitions for that exercise. Also, try doing them outside before working inside so you can see how much the weather affects the quality of your workout. You’ll be happy you did, and your muscles will thank you too.