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5 Herbal Remedies For A Weak Immune System

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Everybody is equipped with an immune system that brings a little protection against bacterial infections, viral infections and other ailments. The “brain” of the immune system is the intestinal microflora, composed of hundreds of millions of beneficial bacteria that help you stay away from germs and certain diseases. Unfortunately, immunity can be weakened by your daily habits and lifestyle.

From weight loss diets and diets low in nutrients to alcohol consumption, lack of rest, and daily stress all can affect your immune system and can make you vulnerable to disease. There are natural remedies that can strengthen the immune system, especially in winter, when viruses and bacteria have a peak of activity.


1. Consume more vitamin C
Vitamin C is known as an ally of the immune system. You can take vitamin C in foods like oranges, kiwi, berries, peppers, broccoli, apples and quinces. It’s good to know that vitamin C can strengthen your immune system so much that makes you invincible against pathogens. That is why, we must give the body other vitamins and minerals.

2. Take calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc
Supplements based on calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc are very useful for a weakened immune system, as it provides protection to cells that contribute to normal cell division, prevents oxidative stress and strengthens the body ‘s immune response to various factors.

3. Eat yogurt
Yogurt contains probiotics – that good bacteria that help us keep up a healthy intestinal micro flora. When intestinal micro flora works properly, the immune system is strong and fights effectively against viruses and bacteria.

4. Keep a cure with Echinacea
Echinacea is a herb whose tonic therapeutic properties are recommend. Especially in winter, it is advisable to follow a diet for a month with Echinacea to protect your body from viral infections specific to this period of the year.

5. Keep a cure with bee products
Bee products, especially honey, propolis and bee bread, strengthen the immune system and help you stay away from diseases, if consumed in the course of at least a month.