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5 Psychological Factors That Prevent You From Losing Weight

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When we think of weight loss, we think of deprivation, restriction, and “no pain, no gain.” We think we’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough. We feel a little dark, a little sad and a little insecure.

We’ve lost who we truly are beyond the number on the scale. We’ve let others determine our worth and along the way, we overlooked the true light inside of us, making us think, “Maybe I’m just not worth it.”

It’s an icky spot to be in, but know that you’re worth it. Your body can be healthy. You can choose happiness. You just need to change your perspective and add a few tools in your life.

Here are five little-known factors that could be preventing you from losing weight and how to break through them.

1. You (constantly) beat yourself up.

You’re constantly doubting yourself, putting yourself down and choosing to believe you don’t deserve to be healthy and happy.

Tune-in. Watch for those negative thoughts. Notice how often they come up. And when you’re ready, shut them down. Choose a different perspective. Choose empowering thoughts. Choose love.

Think of all you’ve accomplished and find a mantra that rings true to you so you can feel empowered. When we’re empowered, we make the good-for-you kind of choices and once we make one, we keep making more … all leading you where you want to go in your journey.

2. You deprive yourself.

We always want what we can’t have. Deprivation commonly puts us in a cycle of binge, feel guilty, restrict, repeat

Keep your body nourished with real, whole foods. Eat within an hour of waking and check-in with your hunger every 3-4 hours after. When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re satisfied, stop. Honor your hunger and fullness, and when you want something eat, enjoy and really, truly taste it.

When you eat real, whole foods, fuel your body throughout the day and honor your hunger and fullness, you can’t go wrong. Trust your body.


3. You expect perfection from yourself.

You expect yourself to be perfect once you decide to become healthier and when you slip-up, you beat yourself up, throwing yourself off course. You’d never be this hard on anyone else, but you’re this hard on yourself.

Know that slip-ups are a part of your (and everyone’s) journey. They’re going to happen and they’re your time for growth. Choose to learn from what happened, forgive yourself and take your new tools, thoughts and inspirations and forge forward. Get comfortable with being perfectly imperfect.

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