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About Dangers of Smoking

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If you have not yet given up cigarettes, you have to get out of this and let the white smoke aside as a bad habit right now!

Smoking is responsible for bad breath, stain teeth and is responsible for most cases of lung cancer. Yet, 21% of women aged between 18 and 24 still smoke.

If you belong in this group, it’s because you may think you’re too young to make a serious disease. And anyway you plan to quit before 30 years, so it will not leave with long-term negative consequences. (Ask million women over 20 years which still smokes, what happened to their ideas, such as giving up after a few years)

To encouraged you to take action in giving up smoking, we prepared some information to convince you that smoking is very bad, and has more serious consequences for women.

Every time you pull smoke in your chest, you inhale a cocktail of toxic substances that cause destruction of DNA in your body cells, which over time can lead to the formation of tumors in the lung, and beyond. New studies suggest that a woman’s body is less efficient in repairing these defects, compared to that of men. This may be why women smokers have a higher risk to develop lung cancer.

Also, it appears that estrogen increases the chances of the disease. This provides fuel for growth hormone in lung tumor cells.

If you only smoke from time to time, this does not mean you’re protected, but you’re still exposed to serious health problems. Each shot of smoke in the chest significantly increases the risk of illness.

In addition, this habit is misleading to make you believe that you are not really addictive. But in reality, it is not so easy to give up nicotine. At the moment, you may smoke only once or twice a week, but before you realize, this ritual will become a full-time occupation.

Negative consequences may persist, although if you manage to quit tobacco before the age of 30. The fact that your skin cells have suffered 20 years, you are prone to earlier appearance of wrinkles. Plus, smoke toxins can cause your ovule to die prematurely, so it will be harder to get pregnant. Give up in finding excuses and get rid of this bad habit. Also, light cigarettes are lethal too. Such cigarettes contain the same amount of toxins as normal ones do.