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The Amazing Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood is a special type of aromatic wood that is obtained from the tree Santalum album. Widely known for its aroma and amazing medicinal properties, sandalwood oil is also very calming and harmonizing and has always been used for meditation and rituals.

Sandalwood oil has been used since over four thousand years ago, making it among the oldest-known materials used for its exotic scent. It has found its way in fragrances, cosmetics and personal care products, and meditative/spiritual practices.

Sandalwood Oil Benefits for Skin

Sandalwood oil is used as an ingredient in many commercial skin care products, and has been used to soothe irritated skin for centuries in ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. Direct application of sandalwood oil to the skin creates a soothing cooling sensation, making it especially effective for treating conditions like acne, sunburns, rashes and eczema, all of which can be made worse due to touching and scratching caused by painful, itchy skin.

It can also be combined with herbs like neem and tumeric to create a paste that, when applied to the skin, may extract toxins. Because high quality sandalwood oil can be fairly potent, however, it should always be diluted with a gentle carrier oil like olive oil or baby oil before being applied to sensitive skin. Undiluted sandalwood oil may cause additional irritation.

Prevents Skin Aging

It is difficult to prevent skin-ageing most of the times. With age, our skin starts getting old too. The effect of increasing age becomes prominent on skin. You may try some of the cosmetic products available at stores, but they can hardly be effective for long. Besides, most of the anti-ageing skin products are expensive and unaffordable. Sandalwood oil is an inexpensive product you can try for a long-lasting result.

If you start using the oil just when you notice the first signs of skin ageing, you may benefit double. Even the affected skin gets younger in touch of sandalwood oil. Regular use of sandalwood reduces lines and scars on your skin. It is also effective to lighten the scars of stretch marks.

Clean and Flawless Skin

Sandalwood has long been known for its skin-friendly cleansing properties. First of all, it serves the purpose of a cicatrisant and soothes your skin to a great extent. If you have ugly scars, blemishes, spots or eczema on your skin, then this oil can help you get rid of those quickly and reduce the chances of developing them again. It is also an effective astringent that tones your skin and rejuvenates it perfectly. People with dry skin can bring their skin back to life with the help of this essential oil.

The Healt Benefits od Sandalwood Essential Oil

Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory – Sandalwood oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that have made it a popular internal and external treatment in traditional and alternative medicine. Internally, sandalwood oil can aid in avoiding infection of esophageal ulcers, regulating the digestive tract, fighting urinary tract infections and easing inflammation in the nervous and circulatory systems. Used as an external application, it can fight infections from wounds and soothe burns, insect bites and rashes from poison ivy and other plants. Sandalwood oil can be taken internally by diluting a few drops in a glass of juice or water, and can be applied externally when diluted in a carrier oil. Consultation with a medical professional is recommended before using it internally.

Antispasmodic – This oil works against spasms and contractions by relaxing nerves, muscles, and blood vessels.

Expectorant – It is specifically effective in treating coughs, but it also fights the infections that cause the cough, cold, flu, or mumps.

Facilitates the Process of Urination – Sandalwood oil is extremely helpful in promoting urination. As you already know, this essential oil can curb down the soreness of your excretory system and induce a nice cooling effect on it. Consequently, the passage of urine becomes easier, the amount of urine is increased and the frequency of urination gets boosted considerably. In short, the oil works as a diuretic and keeps one’s renal system healthy.

Memory booster – Sandalwood oil improves memory and stimulates concentration. It keeps your brain cool and relaxed, and saves you from unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Tonic – It is soothing on your stomach and the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems, helping them function harmoniously.

As a massage essential – Sandalwood oil is often used in aromatherapy massages, especially if the person getting the massage is prone to anxiety and moodiness. While some may find the sandalwood fragrance too strong, the scent is actually great for soothing nerves and promotes a sense of peace and meditation.

A Few Words of Caution: No risks have been associated with sandalwood essential oil, except that it is recommended not to be used raw on the skin. For application on the skin, it should be mixed with some type of carrier oil.