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Anxiety attack – How you can calm down in just a few minutes.

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Anxiety attack

When you experience an anxiety attack, even a slight upset can cause a real domino effect in your mind, managing to disturb your thoughts, attention, power of concentration, even the ability to deal with daily activities. Basically, during an anxiety attack, you can’t do anything anymore, because your negative state persists and puts you in all sorts of hurdles. This anxiety is not just a mental state.

We live it throughout our body: our heartbeats are more powerful, our breathing is difficult or very accelerated, our muscles are tense, we sweat abundantly, and we have a tight stomach. While we have an anxiety attack, it is often difficult for us to stay in one place, we want to do something, we want to talk to someone or go somewhere, we move from one corner of the room to another.

It is important not to let the anxiety, stress, and anger that comes upon us from time to time do more than they should. Fight the problem before it turns into a bubble of frustration and sadness, which rolls and grows bigger and bigger. So, when you feel like you have an anxiety attack, there are a few things you can do to calm it down quickly.

Get out and take a breath.

Instead of getting upset, and turning on all sides the problem that caused your anger, take a walk to relax, and enjoy a few moments of peace. Get a coffee or a donut, take a park tour, go for a run, do some shopping on the market and negotiate the price of fruits and vegetables: it is crucial to find an activity that will keep your mind busy quickly. In this way, the anxiety attack begins to fade away.

Breathe, inhale, exhale! Once you manage to calm yourself down, it will be much easier to manage your anxiety attack. And you will be able to find solutions where, in the first phase, they didn’t even seem to exist.

Load yourself with a considerable dose of self-confidence.

Lack of confidence in yourself and your strengths, in who you are and what you can become, is one of the primary sources that can lead to an anxiety attack. You focus so much on the flaws and shortcomings that you (think you) have, especially when you’re sad, that you forget to see the beautiful parts.

Whenever you’ll be tempted to underestimate yourself and stay isolated in your bedroom to cry, change your perspective and do the exact opposite of what you usually do: get out of your favorite dress (or go shopping). Use your favorite makeup colors for a million-dollar look, make a few loops, and get out of the house – be ready to conquer the world and solve any problem that may arise along the way. You are a strong and confident person, absolutely wonderful. And nothing can stand in your way!

Take full advantage of the beneficial effects of music.

Music has a tremendous force on our brain, so don’t hesitate to use it whenever you feel the situation is out of your control. You might even be able to prepare a playlist for those days when you feel anxiety, one that contains cheerful and energetic songs that will give you the boost you need. We all have at least one favorite artist whose music comforts us, gives us a good mood, and helps us to calm down in difficult times.

If you have a bad day at the office, take a few minutes to pause and listen to your favorite songs. If you fight with a loved one, try not to fall prey to the temptation to break out and say things that you’ll regret afterward. Listen to a playlist that calms you (choose it according to your preferences, because rock music can work just as well as symphonic music). Try to distance yourself from the problem and come back to it when the moment of fury has passed.

Of course, there are other tricks you can use in difficult situations to get rid of an anxiety attack, from jogging around the house to reading a book or watching a TV series. You know better what works for you or not, it’s essential to act fast, and don’t let anxiety overtake you in the long run and have a significant impact on you and your psychic.