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Apricots – A Miraculous Fruit For Our Health

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Apricots, the consistency of vitamins helps in body toning and in fights against infection and bacteria diseases. Can repair affected tissues and influence the development of improved vision. Apricots contain water, citric acid, sugars, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, provitamin A, copper, B vitamins and other proteins. This fruit helps to tone the stomach, liver, heart and vision.

The high beta-carotene and lycopene makes apricots an important food for a healthy heart. Both components favors the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Also, nutrients from apricots such as vitamin helps in improving our vision, and in the same time prevents the free radicals to affect cell and tissue damages.

Consumed daily, apricots help rachitic bone formation in children with delays in growth, increase self-defense reactions by the immune system, the patients are recovering faster. Is a perfect fruit for pregnant women and children with vitamin deficiencies.

Good for the eyes:

The consumption of 3 or more apricot fruits each day decreases the risk of eye disease with age. Macular degeneration, the first cause of adult lost vision is reduced by 36% in people who eat fruits and vegetables daily.

Protects against prostate cancer:

Researchers say that if we eat foods that contain lycopene combined with green tea can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Men who consume green tea have a 86% lower risk of developing prostate cancer compared to those who don’t drink this tea.


Men who eat lycopene-rich foods such as tomatoes, apricots, grapefruit, watermelon, papaya and guava have a 82% lower risk of prostate cancer compared with those who don’t eat foods containing lycopene.

Helps in nervous system disorders:

Apricots cure works in case of nervousness, asthenia, depression and stress, physical and mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, vertigo, memory loss.

Cure cardiovascular diseases:

Apricots normalizes blood pressure and function of the heart and brain blood flow through vessels. It also stimulates the stomach and liver in case of liver failure, indigestion, constipation and loss of appetite.

More benefits:

Fresh fruit juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, is highly nutritious and recommended to treat physical and mental fatigue and stress. Good balancing the nervous tissue and nerve regeneration promotes and enhances the body’s defense reactions. Has beneficial effects in depression, anemia, neurosis, insomnia, rickets, poor growth, convalescence.

The apricot sweet seed core contains vitamin B15 that contribute to tissue oxygenation, especially in the cardiac muscle tissue. Bitter apricot seed core must be avoided because the presence of toxic substances.