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Barefoot Walking Comes With Unexpected Health Benefits

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Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot directly on the earth has more benefits than you think. As most of us certainly know, on the soles, the palms, and the ears, there are a lot of nerve endings that correspond to the different organs in the body. Their stimulation leads to the improvement of the functioning of the corresponding organs.

Many of us, however, do not have the time to attend regular reflexology sessions. The solution, in this case, is a straightforward one – walking barefoot. Often, simple things are the most effective, as is the case here. You can’t even imagine the enormous health benefits of walking 5-10 minutes barefoot.

You can do it outside, on grass, sand, or asphalt, when the temperatures are friendly, but also in the house. The benefits are the same.

What happens in the body when you go barefoot walking

The idea that the soles have direct contact with the body organs It’s taken from traditional Chinese medicine. This connection between the different points on the soles and organs is made through channels, through which the vital energy in the body, called meridians, flows. This vital energy is responsible for the optimal functioning of internal organs.

Barefoot walking is nothing more than a beneficial foot massage, not only relaxing but also extremely healthy and a valuable source of energy for the body.

Our body works thanks to the well-known systems: nervous, digestive, respiratory, blood, lymphatic, etc. Asian medicine attaches great importance to another system that the rest of the world tend to ignore: the energy system. The energy system is powered by inputs spread all over the body surface; the points on the sole also have such inputs. Our vital energy is captured through these points, which then irrigates all organs – an essential condition for having a healthy body and, equally, a healthy mind.

The benefits of barefoot walking

5-10 minutes of daily barefoot walking will considerably improve the following conditions:

  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Hypertension;
  • Premenstrual syndrome;
  • Muscle and joint pain;
  • Insomnia and sleep apnea;
  • Heart rhythm;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Asthma and respiratory problems;
  • Digestive disorders;
  • Hormonal disorders.

At the same time, it stimulates immunity and is especially beneficial for diabetic people because it regulates blood glucose levels. Also, this action allows the discharge of excess positive ions from the body – electrical particles that fatigue the body.

Reflexologists even claim that regular foot massage allows self-healing, as it helps to harmonize internal energy. If you lack the time or material resources to regularly attend reflexology sessions, use the most convenient method: barefoot walking. Start with 5-10 minutes a day, and then gradually increase the time devoted to this habit.

How to amplify the benefits of barefoot walking

To improve your physical and mental health, in addition to the few minutes of walking daily, you will have to respect a few things: to eat healthily, to have a positive mental attitude, to breathe deeply, to meditate, to love and accept (yourself).

Are you already walking barefoot? Have you noticed so far any of the benefits of walking barefoot? Please let everybody know by leaving a comment below. It may be of great help to someone in need.