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Barley and Its Medicinal Properties

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Few know that this cereal with strong grains and harsh taste is among the plants grown on Earth from 4000 years ago. Barley was common on large land surfaces, from Egypt to India. In China, it is considered one of the five sacred plants, being used both as food and as a basis for an impressive range of herbal medicines.

In Europe, barley is consumed in increasing amounts in recent years as juice, obtained by centrifugation and flakes obtained by cold pressing of young plants. These flakes are highly digestible and almost keeps unchanged the therapeutic properties of barley grains, and we will see that these properties are not insignificant.

Below are a few diseases and conditions that can be healed with barley:

Hepatitis of all kinds – Barley flakes have a drain effect and helps regenerate the liver cells. They have a very good taste especially cooked with honey and fruits such as blueberries, sea buckthorn, apples and quinces.


Hypotension – Regular consumption of barley flakes increases the blood pressure naturally without the risk of the hypertension, labile blood pressure or palpitations. Also, barley is known for its effects to prevent cardiac ischemia.

Diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid – Consume barley flakes mixed with sweetened herbal infusions such as mint, basil and black tea.

Atony gastric, intestinal digestion and appetite problems of sedentary persons – A bowl of barley flakes is consumed every morning, combined with sour fruit, finely chopped (apples, grapefruit, cranberry, sea buckthorn, blueberry) and honey.

Tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis – Barley flakes are mixed with hot milk, honey and a pinch of ginger powder. This drink combination is very nutritious and have immune stimulating effects.