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The Best All-Natural Remedies For The Common Cold

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A change in the season can take a toll on our health and this is often the time when we feel our immune systems taking a nose dive. Colds can manifest in our sinuses, chest, throat and nasal passage, and with no true cure, it can take a while to recover.

Many traditions believe it’s healthy to get sick once in a while, and that if we don’t challenge the immune system it can get lazy. Still, no one wants to fall foul of the nasty common cold.

The key is to nip colds in the bud. The stronger your mind-body relationship, the sooner you’ll notice something is awry. Your healthy living habits will help you sense your illness quickly and will help you recover faster.

Here are five tips to kick a cold to the curb before it takes a firm hold.


1. Echinacea

From herbalism to mainstream pharmacies, this purple flower has been used for centuries as a multipurpose healing agent. Recently it’s become popular as a cure for colds and flu, and research backs up its efficacy. Ideally you should take it as soon as you start feeling sick, but it’s still better to take it after your cold is in full swing than not. As with any supplement, quality varies, so do your research and get the best one you can.

2. Vitamin C

While studies are inconclusive as to whether vitamin C actually helps abate a cold once it has begun, a review of more than 100 studies and found that higher blood levels of vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health. Vitamin C has long been known for its immune system-boosting properties, and at a time of sickness this comes in handy.

Drink a hot drink made with freshly squeezed lemon, ginger and honey, and if you have a sore throat add ground cayenne pepper and gargle. You can also try this wellness shot!

3. Water

Drink lots and lots of water. Of course you can drink other fluids, but with the amount you need to drink I think water is best. Too much tea, juice, or lemon water might make you feel sick. Our bodies detoxify through the urine and each glass of water feels like you’re literally flushing your cold down the loo.

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