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Body Detox Is A Necessity

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Periodic detoxification of the body

The environment is overloaded by toxins such as pesticides, fertilizers, oil products etc.., Which enter the body through the air inspired, by food and water. Even our body produces toxic metabolic wastes that must be removed to maintain our health and a vital force.

A properly fed and healthy body eliminate these toxins naturally through the lungs, skin, kidney and large intestine (colon). Unfortunately, over time, due to illness, bad eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, and other factors, body depurative function slows and will accumulates toxins.

You are familiar with these symptoms? – Deposits on the tongue, unpleasant odor from the mouth, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, apathy, fatigue, decreased energy, dark thoughts, irritability, high blood pressure, bad digestion, bloating, digestive problems?

Constipation, depurative failure of the bowel causes several conditions. Maybe you did not know, but the human body is a landfill of toxins. It’s hard to stay healthy if the large intestine is covered with “hard” deposits. This is happen even the people who don’t suffer from constipation. Even drugs (hypotensive antineuralgic, inflammatory, etc..) poison the body.

We will further explain this essential aspect of our health. Because eating the wrong foods rich in starch, prepared, with many proteins (french fries, meat, salami) the large intestine will accumulate small deposits. These deposits are calcify, and this process can damage the body. Intestinal obstruction and toxin poisoning is affecting to longevity. It turned out that “stuffy” gut is the leading cause of atherosclerosis. Up to 40 years the bowel is petrified with feces, which lies and hurt the adjacent organs (liver, gallbladder, etc.).. Surgeons found that 70% of the deposits were petrified intestines with feces, parasites and mold. So the colon requires total cleaning.

The colon is the key organ of the digestive system in the body. The colon also has an important role in the absorption of fluids and essential vitamins. When his functions disrupts or slows, is reduced his ability to eliminate waste, but also suppress normal bacterial environment. “Poisoning” colon affect many organs depending on the location of deposits on the colon. This phenomenon is called “dysbiosis” and if no action is taken, it disrupts digestion and can develop many health problems: stomach diseases, liver or thyroid disease, heart and lung disease, kidney and bladder disorders, prostate.

What is the solution? Periodic detoxification of the body.

Medical experience shows that it is difficult to treat a chronic condition with pain, increased tension, fatigue, without giving importance to detoxification. If there are toxins in the body, even the most advanced treatment methods do not provide a lasting effect.

Detoxification is done periodically at each change of season or at least every 6 months, in autumn and spring. To eliminate waste and toxins from the body is better to adopt a few simple rules for a period of 7-14 days.

Recommendations for periodic detoxification of the body:

– Do not eat fried foods
– Do not eat canned or smoked foods
– Avoid if possible foods containing E’s: dyes, preservatives and other additives
– Do not eat meat and sausage
– Replace sweets with fruits
– Eliminate white pasta. Eat cereal and black bread
– Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
– Drink at least 2 liters of water per day
– Avoid: sugar, coffee, alcohol and synthetic drinks
– Replace sugar with honey
– For a energizing drink use green tea instead of coffee
– Eat more natural juices and herbal teas
– Every morning and night drink a glass of water with lemon juice and honey
– Eat fresh dairy products
– Actively walking stimulates the action of the cardiovascular and metabolic processes

For a maximum effect complement these recommendations with natural products specifically designed to eliminate toxins (found in specialty stores or at authorized dealers).

Our body is the house of our soul and deserves better care than our car or home. Begin to pay attention to this “fragile” body that you’ll need for life.