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Cabbage Juice – Therapeutic Indications

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Cabbage juice is obtained by squeezing the fresh cabbage leaves. Be sure to wash the leaves well. It is an excellent tonic, purifying, anti-inflammatory, as recommended in more than fifty diseases. It is distinguished by the fact that unlocks the bowel, through its effect of stimulating and normalizing the digestion and, not least through its anticancer action.

Here are some of the therapeutic recommendations of cabbage juice:

Constipation, prevention of intestinal worms – drink half a glass of cabbage juice in the morning and evening. For a better taste, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice.

Cancer of the digestive tract – it combines a glass of cabbage juice with two glasses of carrot juice. Drink the entire amount in one day. The treatment lasts three months, during which you will maintain a strict vegetarian diet, without meat!

Throat cancer – the cancer can be treated locally on the digestive tract. Three times a day, make gargle with fresh cabbage juice.


Diabetes – drink half a glass of cabbage juice in the morning and noon. This remedy has a very efficient effect of stabilization of blood glucose.

Prostate adenoma – is a cure for three months, which is drink a cup of cabbage juice, three times a day, in the morning, noon and evening. Treatment with cabbage juice has potent anti-inflammatory effects on prostate and urinary tract.

For fast weight loss – 200 ml of cabbage juice mixed with 200 ml of grapefruit juice. Drink a glass of this mixture, with 5-10 minutes before each meal. Less common is a combination between an alkaline juice (the cabbage) and an acidic juice (not grapefruit), which is a potent inhibitor of appetite and promotes satiety for a long period of time. The treatment lasts two months and if needed can be resumed after a break of 10 days.