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Camphor – Therapeutic Indications

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Camphor is obtained from the resin of a tree originating in southern China, Cinnamomum camphora, which is related with the cinnamon tree. Camphor tree is a phenomenon of vitality: the tree can reach ages of over two thousand years, reaching fifty feet high, antibiotics and antimicrobial secretions are so powerful that it is practically invulnerable to diseases. Its therapeutic properties and its biological characteristics, are among the oldest and most used drugs in the world.

The Chinese, like the Indians, had a cult for this resin they say increases the energy of all other plants that enter the mix, it is among the few able to revive the spirit of sleep, remedies that stimulate circulation and stagnant energies. Also, the Venetian camphor (an alchemical remedy) is said to be the only Swedish bitter components that can not be substituted by any other plant.  Camphor regulates the heart and nervous system, decongest airways and lungs, lowers fever.

Until recently, many pharmacies had camphor-based remedies for ailments of the most diverse, from rheumatism to asthma, from hypertension to the flu, but unfortunately today is harder to find, being pushed aside by the avalanche of synthetic drugs. Here are some of the finest camphor-based remedies and some of their applications.

Camphorated alcohol: Is the simplest and most readily available remedy to be used both internally and externally. It is produced by dissolving camphor crystals in high purity potable alcohol (96 degrees), with the ratio of 1:9. To get 100 grams of alcohol camphor, put in a bottle 10 grams of camphor and 90 grams of alcohol, then stopper and shake well to blend. Take 50 drops of camphor 3-4 times a day, and can be also used externally as compresses or along with massage.

Camphor ointment: In domestic variant, is obtained from fat (about 10 tablespoons) and camphor crystals (10 g). Place in a bowl of camphor a teaspoon or two of 96 degrees alcohol, crush and mix well to dissolve, then add pork lard (lard cakes) and mix it. Keep the result in the refrigerator and then can be applied locally. It is best to find a pharmacy where you can find prepared camphor ointment, whose mode of production is relatively similar to that described above, it’s just that instead of lard (which has many drawbacks) they’re using a mixture of lanolin and grease.

Elixir for the heart and nervous system:

It is an ancient medical recipe, brought back to light recently in the West and did natural wonders in clinics from Germany and France. This products can be obtained from camphor and tincture of hawthorn. First prepare the hawthorn tincture: a jar half filled with powder (obtained by grinding with an electric coffee grinder) of flowers and leaves of hawthorn. The remaining volume is filled with food alcohol of 70 degrees; the jar is closed tightly and let soak for 8 days and then filter the content, the resulting tincture is drawn separately in a dark bottle. Then, over half a liter of hawthorn tincture is added a teaspoon (about 7 grams) of camphor, which will dissolve by stirring. This potion is taken as one teaspoon 3-4 times daily on an empty stomach.

Diseases in which camphor preparations are recommended:

– Heart palpitations, high blood pressure – the above elixir can be administered for the heart and nervous system, you should take one teaspoon four times a day at 8am, 12, 18 and 22. It is a cure of three months, with three weeks break, then repeat as many times as necessary. It is an extraordinary natural remedy, healing irritability, nervousness or anxiety.

– Disorders of menopause (hot flashes, sweating, arrhythmia, nervousness) – Take three times a day, a teaspoon of camphor-based elixir and hawthorn described above. The treatment lasts a year and will extraordinary help for a good hormonal and nervous control. People who were dependent on the synthesis of hormonal drugs were able to replace them with this simple remedy without side effects.

– Premenstrual syndrome, menstrual cycle, abundant and/or painful – use camphor alcohol a week before the menstrual cycle until the last day, one teaspoonful four times a day. Camphor has a regulating effect of the gonads, is a medium intensity anafrodiziac and latest research confirms its contraceptive effect, which was previously credited by Chinese medicine.

– Disorders of sexual dynamics in men – is recommended camphor alcohol: a teaspoon four times a day, to combat premature ejaculation. Against premature ejaculation camphor ointment can also be used externally, which reduces the excitability of the glans tactile sensors.

– Mental exhaustion – Is recommended the elixir for the heart and nervous system based on camphor: 2-3 tablespoons daily on an empty stomach.

External uses with camphor:

– Rheumatism – applications of camphor ointment 2-3 times daily over painful joints.

– Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia adjunct – Mix classic camphor ointment in a few drops of essential peppermint oil (found in herbal shops). This ointment is massaged all over the thoracic (chest and back). Effects of stimulation and alleviation of breathing, the release of airway secretions are immediate. This treatment is indicated also for cough.

– Itching of the skin, whatever their nature – Place a few drops of camphor in alcohol and essential peppermint oil. Apply to the skin by a light massage.

– Headaches – massage neck and temples with camphor alcohol.

– Muscle cramps – gently massage the affected area with camphor ointment.

Attention: Do not get overdosed with camphor!

Internally, if camphor is used in doses greater than 4-6 g per day, it can produce unpleasant symptoms: high blood pressure, digestive disorders, difficulty in breathing. A dose of more than 17 g produce paralysis of nerve centers, which leads to coma and then death.