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Chicken Meat and Its Effects on Our Health

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The chicken’s meat is healthy, at least that we hear most often. Is it true? What has this special meat to offer?

Chicken meat is also rich in proteins. Also, chicken is a good source of vitamins B6, B12, vitamin D, and iron and zinc, essential to maintain a healthy body. Compared to other meats, the chicken, skinless, has very little fat and many beneficial substances. Chicken’s selenium is of fundamental importance for health, anti-aging, being a component of several major metabolic pathways including thyroid hormone metabolism, antioxidant defense systems and immune function.

To eat the best chicken meat we have to avoid buying from different diligents which are using various drugs for rapid chicken growth. Ideally, is to consume meat from chickens which were not fed with so-called “growth drugs”.

Consumption of chicken can be unhealthy if you do not know what to choose for eating from a chicken. There are parts of a chicken that can be considered unhealthy. Chicken skin contains about three quarters of the whole fat it has. For this reason it is best to completely remove the skin before preparing the chicken. Chicken liver, though contains many essential vitamins, are rich in cholesterol. If you have problems with cholesterol, better give up on chicken liver.

Instead, chicken legs and thighs have beneficial effects on health. They properties have the ability to reduce high blood pressure in affected people.