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Combat Fatigue In The Morning – How To Have A Quality Sleep

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Get rid of fatigue in the morning

You have mornings when it’s really hard to get out of bed because you feel too tired? Many factors can be responsible for that cause, which include insomnia or poor-quality sleep. Wake up fresh every morning with this advice:

Sleep contributes to a much better state of mind that will support everyday activities. Whenever you feel tired, things have no way to move in the right direction, so you must fix the problems of sleep and wake up full of energy.

The first step you need to follow is to relax two hours before bedtime. Forget the gadgets around you, disconnect from other activities and relax in a traditional way: aromatic bath, a good book, a little honey with hot tea on the sofa can do wonders for your mood. Begin to prepare your sleeping room, ventilation for 10 minutes and air spraying with a few drops of lavender scent that is relaxing. Take out of the bedroom anything that might distract you, such as television and, especially, do not lay beside you your laptop or tablet.

Get rid of fatigue in the morning

Another essential element of preparation for sleep is food control: take the dinner at least four hours before bedtime and avoid caffeine and alcohol during this period. It is important that the last meal of the day to contain easy and spicy foods. Avoid fat, because they can give you heartburn and upset your stomach at night. If you want, you can drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime, but avoid foods rich in tyramine (cheese, eggplant, raspberries, avocados, soy sauce, red wine), which stimulates your brain and can cause insomnia.

It is also equally important that you establish a sleep routine. Go to sleep every night at about the same time, eight hours sleep is enough, then wake up at the same time every morning. Even if at first it will be harder to get used to this program, especially on weekends, the beneficial effects will be seen in time, and you will feel more rested when you wake up!

For quality sleep, try to schedule your hours of sport at least four hours before bedtime. According to a sleep quality guide published by Stanford University, the best times to do exercise without repercussions on sleep, are mornings and afternoons.

Here is another trick provided by experts from Stanford University: in morning wake up, get out on the balcony or in a sunny spot and sit facing the sun for 15 minutes. This ritual, will help regulate your biological clock and will be easier to get used to waking up early morning.

Following the above tips, you’ll be able to adjust your sleep and sleep better, without any additional expenses. You need just a little organization, and you will soon find out what it’s like to wake up fresh every morning!