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Cranberries – Diseases Preventable by Cranberry

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Disease prevention with cranberries

Disease prevention is one of the cranberry’s advantages. For centuries, it was used by populations from Sweden, Russia, Finland, northern areas of Europe where extremely harsh climate did not allow growth and, as such, consumption of other vegetables. Therefore, cranberries could be proved in time, demonstrating an outstanding capacity to prevent various diseases, as we see below:

– Urinary infections – a study in Finland, led by Professor Dr. Tero Kontiokari, showed that cranberries, administered five times per week, for a time of at least three months, resulted in a significant reduction in the incidence of bacterial cystitis. In the Finnish study, done on 150 women suffering from recurrent cystitis, cranberry treatment was associated with another immune stimulant remedy, namely the bifidus yogurt, the two remedies acting perfectly in tandem.

– Renal calculus (kidney stones) – a U.S. survey conducted in 2006 showed that administration of cranberry fruit extracts, and consumption of at least two liters of water per day reduced risk of several types of kidney stones by up to 60%. The reason of this action lies in the diuretic and renal inflammatory properties of this fruit. Cranberry fruit extract can also be found in tablets.

Cranberry health benefits

– Diabetes – cranberry tincture is administered, two teaspoons, four times a day. This remedy is slightly hypoglycemic, and helping to stabilize blood sugar. Another quality of this berry, especially the leaves, is that prevents cardiovascular complications of diabetes.

– Atherosclerosis – Take 4 cranberry tablets daily, during three months, followed by 1-2 months of rest. This herb has powerful antioxidant action, preventing lipid deposit on blood vessels and formation of plaque. Ongoing studies indicate that cranberry has favorable action on lipid metabolism.

– Cancerous disease – an extremely complex medical experimental, undertaken in the United States in 1996, demonstrates that cranberry fruit extracts have anticancer effects. It seems that they contain substances that prevent cell mutations and inhibit malignant processes, the hope for the prevention of various cancers.

– Respiratory viruses – cranberry tablets taken when we feel the first sensations of irritation in the throat or upper airway can put “on the run” an imminent influenza infection. Laboratory studies show a strong antiviral action of cranberry leaves that block virus replication.

Internal treatments:

– Nephritis – cranberry tincture is administered, one teaspoon diluted in a glass of water (200 ml), 4-6 times per day, during 30 days, followed by 10 days of rest. 10 minutes before taking each dose of tincture, you take a pinch of bicarbonate for urine alkalinization. In addition, you can opt for cranberry external treatment, namely, sitz baths. In a bowl of hot water add 1-2 liters of combined infusion of cranberry, regulating temperature, so warm as to be tolerable.

Sitz bath takes 10-20 minutes, then heat will remain for at least an hour long. The active principles of leaves of cranberry, assimilated by the body by internal and external, have a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal actions, useful in the treatment of almost all forms of Renal and urinary infections. A Chinese study published in 2001, shows that this treatment is useful as an adjunct to drug therapy of antibiotic-resistant viruses.

Cranberry remedies

– Urinary calculus – two types of active principles of leaves and fruit component of cranberry (flavonoids and saponins) have a strong diuretic action, “washing” the kidneys, and is a good help to eliminate stones crumble in advance. We recommend treatment with cranberry tincture, which is taking 6 teaspoons per day, diluted in water, in a course of 3 weeks.

– Diarrhea – the tannins present in cranberry leaves have a strong antibacterial action in the gut and also have an astringent effect, which normalizes intestinal transit. As emergency treatment of acute diarrhea take a dose of six cranberry tablets, then take two tablets three times daily until symptoms stops. This is a good adjuvant in treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.

– Gout – is a cure for 12 weeks, the patients take six teaspoons of tincture per day in combination with cranberry leaves and fruits, mixed in equal proportions. The two plants have the capacity to mobilize urea in the tissues and to eliminate the urine, treatment results are remarkable. Under the action of this diuretic remedy, anti-inflammatory and depurative, gout will cease, joint inflammation gradually disappears, and they largely regaining mobility.

– Cough – Take 4 tablets of cranberry extract daily, which are sucked up to complete dissolution, acting at the airways. Do not swallow them immediately. Additionally – three times per day gargle with combined infusion of cranberry. This treatment has anti-inflammatory effects, antibiotics and antivirals in the neck.

– Heavy menstrual bleeding – the first days of menstrual cycle you can take six tablets of cranberry each day, until bleeding completely stops. Due to the astringent action of tannins in the leaves of this plant, bleeding is reduced considerably, as well as unpleasant sensations of bloating. Administration cranberry extract can halve the menstrual cycle and reduce feelings of weakness, anemia, devitalization.

External treatments:

– Teeth plaque – every night – successive five-minute rinsing the mouth with a cup of cranberry infusion. Studies made in Switzerland show that the active component of the plant leaves kill bacteria that create film (“board”) that forms on teeth and gums and favoring their illness. Cranberry treatment is done after brushing your teeth and is a natural alternative to mouth rinses that contain synthetic substances.

– Gingivitis, stomatitis – cranberry has antibiotic action against microorganisms that cause these diseases, such as Streptococcus oralis, Prevotella intermedia and Porphyromonas gingivalis, cranberries are especially recommended in this category of diseases. Make 3-4 times daily mouth rinses with combined infusion of leaves of cranberry. Cranberries not only help eliminate infections in the mouth, but also has anti-inflammatory and healing actions.


In case of pregnancy, treatment with cranberry will be held only at the doctor advice and under medical supervision. Internal administration of cranberry leaves infusion is contraindicated in cases of acute constipation.

Cranberries – A champion in the fight with cystitis

In fruits and, especially, in cranberry leafs are found the true effect of antibiotic substances, extremely effective in fighting bacterial infections of the urinary bladder. Several studies made in Finland, the United States and Sweden show that extracts of cranberry are a reliable aid of synthetic antibiotics in the treatment of cystitis, including recurrent cystitis. It is administered six tablets per day, during 2-3 weeks, followed by 1-2 weeks of rest, after which treatment can be resumed.

For treatment to have maximum efficiency, urine patient must have an alkaline pH. How to achieve this? Simple. With 10 minutes before ingesting each dose of cranberry, we take a pinch of baking powder soda.

Preparations of cranberry:

Cranberry tablets

Are a mixture of neutral base (called excipient) fruits and leaves extract very finely ground. They are the most common form of administration currently used as they are very easily ingested, are well tolerated and have a strong effect. They are found in pharmacies and herbal shops.

Cranberry tincture

It is obtained as follows: Place in a jar with screw twenty tablespoons of cranberry leaves powder, then add two cups (500 ml) of potable alcohol of 50 degrees. Close the jar tightly and let soak for two weeks in a warm place, then filter and place the tincture obtained is a small, dark bottle. Administer one teaspoon diluted in some water, four times a day. In stores, cranberry herbal tincture is ready-made.

Combined infusion of cranberry

It is mostly used externally. Four teaspoons of cranberry leaf powder are left for maceration for 8 hours in a quart of water, then filtered and the solution obtained is put aside. The plant remained after filtering is scalded in a quart of hot water, then let cool and strain. Finally, combine maceration with the infusion, preparation resulted is used mainly external, for washes and compresses. This remedy inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses, and largely eliminate inflammation.