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Dates, Curative and Toning Fruits Good for Health

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Exotic and rich in vitamins, dates are a natural storehouse of energy that successfully completes the daily intake of fiber. They are a trusted source of calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium and that’s why you can include them in your daily diet.

Along with the full range of B vitamins, the magnesium content will tonify your muscles and delays the aging effects, avoiding the accumulation of waste food. These qualities make dates very effective in the treatment of nervous system.

Lazy digestion or annoying bloating find their remedy in dates consumed after each meal. Therefore they are ideal for weight loss diets, being an ally in treating the heavy stomach affected by various foods.

Dates contain a significant amount of iron: 25g of dates per day are sufficient to meet the body’s iron need. Asthenic people will realize soon the need for daily consumption of dates. Because of their energizing effect, dates are recommended in anemia, when exhausted, convalescent periods, for children, athletes and the elderly people.


For people with cardiovascular disease, dates are a good healing fruits. Let them all night in water and drink the juice obtained in the morning. It is perfect for strengthen of the heart. The juice can be administered twice a week.

To take benefit of its expectorant action, can be prepared a decoction of 50g of dates, which are boiled in a liter of water for about ten minutes. Strain, and drink four times during the day.

Dates are also ideal for couple life. Will increase libido and, if eaten at night before bed with a little milk or cream, the effects will be recorded quickly. Dates ensure the nutritional balance you need to keep yourself in shape. Therefore you can eat them at dessert or breakfast, and your general tone will be much improved.

Dates have numerous therapeutic uses and can be consumed by the whole family, either as is, or mixed with fresh yogurt. Having a high sugar content, this fruit is not recommended for diabetics.