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December 2018 Horoscope Predictions – Career, Love and Health


Because we are approaching holidays and we are thinking of the new year, we are all predisposed to melancholy. The last month of the year comes with significant changes for all natives in the horoscope. The zodiac of December comes with news in the life of each zodiac sign. Find out what your stars reserve for this month and discover your main predictions in the December 2018 horoscope.



For the Aries, December stars will benefit for making longer trips, and if at the beginning of the month you are facing a significant investment that will unbalance your budget, huge gains are also announced as a result of participating in certain games and contests.

Those born in the Aries will have to be very determined if they want an improvement in their relationship with their partner. For loners, it will be a month of adventures and flirting, but they will hardly succeed more than that.

In the first part of the month, Aries natives may face certain dissatisfaction and confusions, but they will also have high expectations and too much desire. For this reason, they will feel depressed. Only in the second part of the month a slight optimism appears. Is it recommended that you have no expectations from anyone, so you will not be disappointed. Try to rely more on faith and spirituality.



The inspiration for Taurus will be at a high in December. You could solve problems at work, or you could decide on financial matters. You focus a lot on the financial sector this month and take advantage of the delusion of others to get ahead. It’s an excellent opportunity to make you noticed, but it’s not a good idea to do it in comparison to the mistakes of others. This does not show you the real value, so if someone praises you, tell them the truth, and you’ll be more appreciated. There are opportunities to evolve in your career, but you can also encounter difficulties in getting them. It will not be easy!

In romantic relationships, you are determined to make significant changes. We recommend that you do not hesitate to listen to your intuition and make decisions that favor you in the future. Finally, you realize what you are looking for in your beloved person, and you are willing to meet it at the right time, without having to go after passive relationships.

On health, you’re fine. After some analysis, the results you receive will be extraordinarily good, and that will motivate you to continue having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



At the office, things are a little disorganized. You forget the reports for which you had a deadline, and the superiors will not hesitate to draw your attention to this. A possible meeting will be listed in the calendar, and from the middle of the month, things will clear up, and your results will be appreciated again.

It will be a very agitated period in couple relationships, especially if you count among the married persons. Unpredictable situations are not delayed, but fortunately, together, you can overcome any deadlock. If you are thinking about changing your home or making some changes to your home, December is the right time to take action in this area.

Money is not a cause of concern, and as holiday moons revolve around gifts, you will be able to surprise your loved ones with fascinating gifts. You are very attentive to what they want and, for many of your dear friends or loved ones, you will be able to fulfill their wishes. Those born in the Gemini sign may have general discomfort caused by troubling thoughts.


cancer december 2018

You’re thinking from a few months already to make a significant decision in your life. December is the ideal time to take courage, and most likely you will give the shot. Because of your ambition to complete projects a work, in the first part of the month it’s possible to have a more critical sense than usual.

Your partner draws your attention to the fact that you put the job first and want a change. A little fun does not hurt. So you will spend quality time somewhere in the mountains or the countryside and nothing will make you want to stay at home. Also, financially, you’re riding horses so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

With health, you are fine, but because you are not the most responsible person on this matter, you will face colds that will spoil your mood a little. Hot teas and medicines will not miss out of your December routine.


virgo december 2018

For Leo, December will be extremely tiring. You will have to respect a super-crowded program that you will not know how to deal with it. However, at the end of the month, unpredictable success awaits you. Do not hesitate to get involved in a new project or to approach a new way of working. It is essential that certain things, such as your financial situation, remain only for you. Otherwise, some of your entourage might take advantage of you.

The loved one will support you, even if he wants only a little time for you two. Make time for a few hours to give it all your attention, and so she will not feel neglected, and will understand that you are trying to do the best for your career and family. Dinner in town, or some cinema time once a week can be a big step.

You will be fully aware of the efforts you have made lately. Take your time for dreaming, for hobby activities, but avoid shopping therapy, because you will end up depressed when you spend money on useless things.


virgo december 2018

As far as professional goals are concerned, it seems that things are starting to take the form you want. When you choose to have a busy schedule, it means you want to get rid of the problems that you cannot find a solution to. You are a little puzzled because of all that has happened lately, and you don’t know how to react to this all. Try to get rid of every distraction that surrounds you and focus on your priorities.

Sentimentally, you get unpleasant news, but you will not be affected by the situation your loved one may put you in. You are a mature person who knows how to manage the unpredictable, and you will go over it, without too much suffering and feelings of disappointment.

Pay more attention to your health. If you continue to be lazy, the problems will get worse, and the result will not be a good one either for you or for your family.



Financially, you are going through a favorable period in December. Although you have a lot of work, you will be able to meet all the challenges successfully. You’ll make a lot of roads to solve some problems, but in the end, you’ll enjoy some free time, and spending will go on entertainment.

Sentimental wise, December will be a tense one for you, though that’s not your expectations. The plans you had with your loved one could be affected if there is no understanding from both sides. If you do not respect what you have promised each other, your future together might be questioned. Single natives enjoy more freedom than ever before.

In December 2018 you are planning holidays, parties, and there will be goodwill. You tend to feel bored and pressurized by responsibilities at work or in everyday life. Avoid too active or demanding social life; look for a group to share a hobby with. You should regain your inner balance and enjoy your soul instead of becoming exhausted from parties and sleepless nights.



At work, you should share more of your points of view, especially as in December, colleagues seem more willing than ever to listen to you. The results will be soon to appear, and the first signs of success seem to be on the horizon, right from the first half of December.

In love, you are a very jealous and possessive person; you do not accept for the person you love to direct their attention to someone else, whoever this person might be. Misunderstandings will arise, and if you continue to do so, you may end up with a split from your beloved one during the Holidays. Be cautious.

Even if you like to have control, especially about health, sometimes you need to accept the advice of a specialist. Do not neglect small signs and symptoms, even if you are aware of the seriousness of the problem yourself.



The chances that are going out at work will make you feel optimistic and confident. Excellent news gives you new perspectives for the future, and what comes to you in December sounds promising for the coming year.

On the sentimental aspect, sadly is likely to have a deception caused by the person you love. You will not expect this moment to occur, and you will feel disappointed and unreliable. With a little peace of mind, you’ll be able to figure out what happened and whose fault it was. December is your favorite month, and when it comes to the winter holidays, you will try to spend more time with your family.

About health, there’s nothing to worry. Everything goes great as long as you pay attention to your health. It is an excellent time to return to traditions, childhood places, and to rediscover your spiritual vocation. You need more rest and some disconnection from your usual activities.



Capricorns have to take more responsibility at the end of the year. Work is not an easy play, and natives should give more interest into it. Also, by just dedicating themselves to work better, they will be able to benefit a significant income.

Personal and sentimental life brings good news in December for these natives, which is why you are more tolerant of those near you, even if you are not satisfied with the relationship that you have with your loved one. Capricorns who are not loyal should be more careful in December 2018, eventually is better making a decision and ending a relationship that does not work anymore.

Jupiter, the planet with the most benefits, helps you solve some older health problems. But everyday stress does not go away so quickly, and that’s why you may feel tired at times. Taking a break and spending more time with your family its a good thing you can do for yourself.



During this time you feel that you can even move mountains away, and now you want to do as many things as you can in one day. Your attention is focused on social and professional activities, and this can make you forget about the domestic, usual issues.

Those born in the Aquarius who are in long-term relationships, are now having the chance to rediscover their passion in their couple. Those who work together or develop joint projects are going through a favorable stage. Those who are not in a relationship will not be attracted to the idea of starting a new relationship, and may even refuse to meet someone.

Mountain holidays may not end well. Avoid experiencing new, extreme sports, as you may be facing some minor injuries, but painful enough.



There is an excellent atmosphere inside your family due to a success that affects all of the family. However, it is possible to get some objections, and it is advisable not to get angry and to treat lightly what you hear. Pisces, give up to the toxic environment of their lives and open themselves to new goals. They give up unnecessary relationships, gossip, and intrigue. They does not need so much to feel great anymore. Pisces’s life is changing radically!

Because you are very excited, December is a good time to start a business or, why not, even to start a new sentimental relationship. Of course, you can do both, if your time allows it. You may know someone, even at work. Natives who are in long-lasting relationships have the chance to be asked for marriage, or at least take this option into account.

Those born in the Pisces sign will cross a stage where they will become more sensitive, more emotional, and may suffer from feelings, memories, and remorse. They will look for the answer to the question, “what if …?”. Possible insomnia, mild depressions and water retention issues may appear.

That is what the Horoscope bring for us this month. Keep having an attitude positive and many things will go smooth.