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Deodorant or Antiperspirant, Which is Healthier For Us?

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Deodorant or antiperspirant

Designed to neutralize unpleasant body odors, deodorants and antiperspirants act by different principles, but both manage to do a good job in terms of removing odors caused by perspiration or other environmental factors. Not always marketed deodorants and antiperspirants are healthy for the skin, some of them reaching the attention of scientists in medicine, because of side effects that may accompany their primary function.

From a technical standpoint, a deodorant will attempt to remove odor from bacteria acting on the skin surface, which creates the smell, while an antiperspirant has a higher efficiency because it contains substances that penetrate the skin and hence enter the body, neutralizing bad odor for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, some antiperspirants contain harmful ingredients, which can negatively influence our general health. Doctors are increasingly demanding to not excessively use such cosmetics products.

Deodorant or antiperspirant

Quality deodorants may act even for longer periods of time with greater efficiency, given the decisive advantage – that they contain substances which do not influence the normal process that helps cool down the body to a constant temperature. In contrast, antiperspirants products can leave traces of minerals in the body, which over time, can become very toxic.

Antiperspirants are sometimes recommended by doctors – like helping in excessive sweating in some people, but even in this case, it is not healthy to make use of these cosmetics for long periods of time. As a better alternative for those who sweat excessively, are recommended natural solutions that can be easily prepared at home, and, which containing a series of neutral ingredients like baking soda, aloe vera extracts and other medical plants and small quantities of certain essential oils.

In many ways, quality deodorants are better than most antiperspirants, but not through the lasting effect that can have on suppression of sweat smell, but by maintaining a good hygienic condition of the body without negative side effects for human health. Antiperspirants must not be completely avoided, but it is good to use them in moderation, to prevent any health problem that may occur as a result of their prolonged use.