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Dry Beans, A Great Food Full of Nutrients

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For vegetarians, beans successfully replace meat because it contains a quarter of the protein in a steak. It is a reliable source of vitamin B, folic acid and minerals.

Dry beans contain a large amount of fiber, with a role in maintaining normal bowel movements, is nutritious and has a low caloric content. Beans is a legume used since ancient Greeks and Egyptians, dry beans were found in tombs of ancient Egypt even as food for the afterlife. Using beans is a healthy way to include nutrients in the daily diet. Beans are an extremely beneficial component in any diet because of the carbohydrates complex, protein and fiber content and low in calories, fat and salt.

Properties of dry beans:

Beans are a good source of B vitamins including folic acid and minerals: iron, potassium, selenium, magnesium and some calcium. It is a rich source of insoluble fiber that is removed from the body and help prevent constipation. The resistant starch who reach the colon is attacked by bacteria, thus producing a short-chain of fatty acids known for its cancer prevention effects.

In other words, the sugars found in beans do not increase blood sugar suddenly as they do other foods high in carbohydrates (like fruits), which provides short-term energy and are beneficial only in the morning meal. It also contains soluble fiber that helps lower blood fats.

Dry Beans

Medicinal indications:

Decreases risk of colon and breast cancer
Decreases total blood cholesterol, LDL
Strengthens the immune system
Decreases risk of diabetes type II
Improves control of type I and type II diabetes
Bring important nutrient intake, especially in combination with potato

Correct preparation of beans:

Many people avoid any bean-based diet due to intestinal gas problems. To limit their production, beans must be boiled three times before being cooked. More than this, you can let them in water for 12 hours prior to preparation, and this will completely reduce the risk of troublesome gas. In the bean preparation you can add garlic, rosemary, coriander, lemon, fennel or anise to avoid bacteria in the colon that cause bloating and gas.