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The Most Effective Natural Antibiotics

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Natural Antibiotics

One of the most effective methods to help the body during times of struggle with the disease is to use natural foods and herbs, so that we can opt out of excessive use of synthetic drugs that make us more harm than good. And yes, there are even very effective natural antibiotic, garlic is the best known. But there are other plants and foods beneficial to the body, when it is showing signs of illness.

Onions, a healer during cold weather

Onions, very well known and used in the kitchen, is a food with extraordinary taste that has antibacterial and antiseptic effects. Onions have many beneficial properties, so you can eat raw onion as often as you can to keep away illnesses during the cold season.

Onions Natural Antibiotics

Associated with lemon juice, for example, onions proved to be a powerful antibiotic, eliminating even resistant strains of Escherichia coli. If left sliced in the kitchen, onion has the ability to protect against unwanted bacteria and maintain a healthy environment. Moreover, onion placed in the fridge, can capture the microorganisms from this environment, being a good barometer of “cleanliness” where the food is kept cold. If the onion changes the color and becomes dark, it is time for a refrigerator disinfection.

Cabbage fight against infections

White cabbage is a plant well known for its antimicrobial properties that can kill many types of diseases. The antimicrobial properties increase if cabbage is fermented. But the consumption of cabbage in any way; fresh, pickled or cooked is a recognized aid for improving general health.

Astragalus fights stress

Astragalus is a herb used for thousands of years by traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate the immune system, is a general tonic for the body. Tea counteracts the stress emotionally, mentally and physically, and the latest research done proved the effectiveness of treating colds, protect the liver and removing viruses.

Bee honey, a sweet antibiotic

Bee honey

Since the oldest times, bee honey has been used in the fight against infections. Recently, scientists have identified a component in honey, which is a natural antibiotic that kills unwanted bacteria from the body. This natural antibiotic is a protein that is added by the bees when they make the honey in the hive. The substance causes the immune system to obtain a very important advantage for a complete defense against diseases.

Cinnamon, the aromatic help


Cinnamon has been used since ancient times as a medicine for all ages. Pure Ceylon Cinnamon may stop E. coli to grow, destroying resistant bacteria. Researchers at Kansas State University City, USA, have found that cinnamon not only acts as a natural antibiotic, but it also helps in boosting the immune system in various ways. Their recommendation is to consume this spice daily, especially in the cold season when the body needs help to defeat the disease.

Sage, an effective remedy for stomach


Sage is a wonderful herb good for upper respiratory problems. It can also help to cure stomach ailments, reduce fever naturally and removes cold and flu.

Thyme oil, natural antifungal

Another well-known plant and at the same time very commonly used in the kitchen, is thyme. Thyme oil is a very effective natural antibiotic. Thymol from thyme oil composition makes this a great antifungal and antimicrobial product. It is one of the oils that the modern medicine uses when conventional antibiotics do not show results.

Sea buckthorn juice is an energizer for the immune system

Sea buckthorn juice

Sea buckthorn is a natural and effective aid for the immune system. Nutrients from the sea buckthorn fruit make this plant a true miracle. Vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the human body, are gathered in one single fruit that helps the human being to fight the most serious diseases. Sea buckthorn fruit can be used squeezed, in the form of juice, against cold; or during the recovery of the body from illness. In the form of tea, sea buckthorn keeps cold away; in oil form, can be given as a very effective natural antibiotic.

It remains at the choice of each of us if we want go back to the natural way of healing, and keeping the environment clean and free of pollution, for healing and health to no longer present a problem for humans.