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Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) – Natural Health Remedies

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Recent research puts the elderberry at the forefront of the most powerful immune system stimulants. Its fruits are a serious competitor of influenza vaccines.

In sophisticated laboratories of a medical university in Israel are made experiments that could influence the fate of mankind. The subject of research are blue and black berries of a plant capable of neutralizing the most dangerous germs, with an extraordinary ability to increase the body’s natural defenses. It seems that this plant is really something special, that triggered an unprecedented deployment, hundreds of first class researchers working for more than ten years in these studies have acquired an overwhelming result, considering that mankind is increasingly threatened by the specter of incurable diseases such as AIDS and SARS, cancer or leukemia.

Curiously, a common herbal extract from a fruit is much ahead of the efficiency of the complicated chemical syntheses submitted by the most powerful diseases. What plant is it? Well, these studies refer to an old plant, which was imposed as a remedy of first hand in quick detoxification diets: the elderberry.

Why are these fruits so special? I will write from the recorded pages about experimental facts and conclusions reached in recent years about the plant, following studies carried out in parallel, in dozens of hospitals and institutes. Elderberry fruit extract is an powerful competitor to next generation of antiviral drugs, which help to cure most degenerative diseases, the prevention of cancer, combat benign tumors, extended biological youth. In what follows, I intend to do a short and much-needed use of this extraordinary plant in treating and preventing various diseases:

Where to find the fruits of elderberry

In the middle of fall, elderberry fruit (Sambucus nigra) can be found mostly in the northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere plant grows only in certain parts of Australia and South America. The plant is located in mountainous areas, river valleys and streams, where sunlight penetrates poorly and vegetation cycle of this plant is delayed. The most common elderberry live in forest edges, in areas adjacent to forest roads, in the cutting of forests where the trees were not yet reclaimed and where small-sized trees grow lush.

Harvesting the fruit of elderberry

Harvesting is made by cutting bunches of berries. After three to four hours after collection, these grains will be prepared and will be put in the refrigerator, where you can store it for 24-48 hours. If not consumed fresh, in preparations such as syrup, tincture or juice, the elderberry fruit can be let to dry, but only artificially. The beans are removed from the bunch and put them in a very thin layer on a stove, which provides a temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius. Allow seeds to dehydrate until will look like raisins. Can be stored in paper bags, in dry and dark places.


The most effective preparations from elderberry fruit

Fresh juice – It is produced from crushing elderberry grains with an electric mixer or by hand using a wooden spoon. After crushing, the resulting paste is filtered through a gauze, store the juice obtained in a clean bottle and then put to cold. The term of validity of this juice (keeping it in the refrigerator) is a maximum of 48 hours. 3-4 tablespoons per day is administered on an empty stomach, to treat constipation, the colitis of putrefaction, to strengthen the defense capacity of the body.

Tincture – It is produced by mixing fresh elderberry fruit juice with food alcohol of 90 degrees. In a glass, place 90 percent of fruit juice and 10 percent of alcohol, then stir mixture to blend well. Then, store the tincture bottle well shut in a dark and cold place. Period or shelf life is two years. 1-4 tablespoons per day is administered as a powerful remedy in diets for chronic and degenerative diseases, detoxification and for improved immunity.

For a quick weight loss – In overweight or obese individuals, the treatment schedule is as follows: the first day, take a teaspoon on an empty stomach, at 18. The second day take 2 teaspoons at the same time and so on, until seventh day, when it comes to 7 teaspoons taken at a time. Hold this dose for 30 days. This gradual increase in dose is necessary to prevent diarrhea or abdominal colic. If the dose is increased as the diarrhea is still strong, take the supplement (sublingual) 2-3 teaspoons of powdered bark of oak (Quercus robur) a day or Cancer-tail grass (Potentilla anserina), if diarrhea still persist, then reduce the dose or even discontinue treatment. If bloating occurs (rare phenomenon in elderberry treatment), eat 1-2 tablespoons of cumin or fennel.

Powder – It is produced by grinding dried beans as fine as possible with an electric coffee grinder. 3-4 teaspoons of powder is administered daily on an empty stomach. Is recommended to treat eye disease, diarrhea (dried fruits and fresh extracts have the opposite effect) and colitis.

Syrup – Two glasses of fresh elderberry fruit juice, obtained by the above method, add two cups of brown sugar and zest of two lemons. Place this mixture on the fire and let it boil briefly, then pour into a hot glass which will then must be closed tightly. Take 4-5 teaspoons of this mixture per day, for a slightly laxative effect, tonic, and remineralizing and vitaminizing properties.

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