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Excessive Sweating Should Not Be Treated With Indifference

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Cure excessive sweating

Like any other vital process in the body, sweating is the body need to eliminate toxins and to regulate body temperature. This process is carried out through our sweat glands. Sweat glands in women are present in greater numbers than in men.

Paradoxically, men sweat more than women because their work during the day leads to an increased activity of sweat glands. However, women sweat is more strongly felt, when it occurs, because the large number of sweat glands. Not just physical movement activates the glands in the body, but also other processes such as anxiety, anger, fear or other negative feelings.

Cure excessive sweating

Eating spicy foods also cause excessive sweating, and some diseases will give this symptom, announcing the time to make a visit to the doctor. This is true especially for women, they can sweat excessively for no apparent reason, and in these conditions occurs a high state of stress. People affected by such health problems are relatively few, but the existing treatment methods allow permanent removal of these symptoms.

From a scientific standpoint, so far have been identified two types of conditions characterized by excessive sweating, called hyperhidrosis in medical terms: primary hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating on the hands and feet, and it is not known what mechanisms cause this condition. Secondary hyperhidrosis is more common, and is due to other diseases of the body such as obesity, menopause, diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer, heart disease, administration of various medications and other medical causes.

In periods when excessive sweating occurs repeatedly, is indicated to wash our face immediately, to change our clothes and even sheets if necessary, and bring room temperature to normal. Drinking water is a next step to replace the fluids lost through sweat. From the medical point of view, as appropriate, laboratory tests may be recommended, and then appropriate treatment with antiperspirants solutions, specific drugs or therapeutic procedures for recovery.

In private clinics, are used Botox injections to block nerves that stimulate purified sweat. This therapy has unpleasant side effects and must be repeated after a lapse of a few months. Nerves that stimulate sweating can also be removed surgically in rare cases, when symptoms are severe, but it is a very risky operation.

One effective way to improve the symptoms of hyperhidrosis is proper nutrition, which requires the removal of spicy condiments, excess salt, refined products and low consumption of coffee and alcohol, where appropriate. Visiting the doctor is required to implement a correct diagnosis and treatment.

How to prevent excessive sweating

The diets that reduce perspiration are very close to the principles of a balanced diet, detox, and includes increased consumption of water and teas. Washing affected areas like face, hands and feet is also mandatory, and you can turn to special soaps or quality deodorants.