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Eye Fatigue – A Symptom of Modern Lifestyle

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Eye fatigue remedies

A common symptom today, when the computer has become a necessity of modern society, is eye fatigue, often accompanied by tearing or difficulty in reading. If not associated with some objective evidence, it is not serious and is mainly due to prolonged computer work, perhaps the lack of correction by glasses and a refractive defect neglected, or in other cases, frequent fatigue and stress.

Eye fatigue has various forms of expression: from mild vision problems, to serious difficulties with reading, and tearing, redness, burning or other nonspecific symptoms, often difficult to describe objectively, although ocular discomfort is real.

Eye fatigue remedies

Common causes that create eye fatigue are:

– Uncorrected refractive: the patient has clearly a need for glasses but does not use them, or wear inadequate glasses diopter not prescribed by the specialist. Furthermore, wrong mount of the glasses can strain the eyes, appearing as eye fatigue;

– It is known that the long computer working hours, especially without adequate eye protection is one of the most common causes of eye fatigue;

– Dry eye syndrome, commonly seen after the age of 35-40, especially in women, may cause a feeling of “tired eyes”, sometimes irritated and red;

– General disorders, such as migraine with vascular cause, hypocalcemia and other endocrine disorders, stress and nervous strain, may be one of the eye fatigue symptoms;

There is no specific treatment for this condition. Therefore, the remedy is, first, removing the causes that cause it:

– Presentation to an ophthalmologist, making and wearing suitable glasses, as appropriate, for people who do not want to wear glasses, there is the option to replace glasses with contact lenses, or treating the condition by surgery;

– Regular work interruption by repeated breaks, even if they are short, wearing specific protective glasses for computer use;

– The use of adjuvant droplets, such as artificial tears, they are found in various forms, as drops or gel, with or without preservatives, with or without vitamins or other protective substances. Their use is beneficial in any situation of eye fatigue, long in the atmosphere polluted state, eye irritation from air currents, are well tolerated and with no adverse reactions. Therefore, adjuvant droplets can be used very often, not having a limit to their daily administration;

Although compliance with these recommendations (especially those related to the computer) seems a utopia in current days, is important even an attempt to eliminate possible factors of everyday stressors. A weighted balanced lifestyle with healthy eating and playing sports, can significantly reduce body fatigue and consequently, eye fatigue.