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Fast Facts: What Are the Signs of a Broken Woman?

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Signs Broken Woman

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a lack of confidence in oneself and is often marked by feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and worthlessness. A broken woman is someone who has been through a lot of pain and suffering. She may have experienced abuse, betrayal, or abandonment. She may feel like she is not good enough or that she does not deserve to be happy. A broken woman may also have difficulty trusting people and may isolate herself from others.

Lack of confidence

A broken woman lacks confidence. She is unsure of herself and her abilities. She second-guesses herself constantly. She feels like she is not good enough and that she does not deserve happiness.

A broken woman has a hard time trusting people. She has been hurt so many times that she does not allow herself to get close to anyone anymore. She is afraid of being hurt again and so she pushes people away before they have a chance to hurt her.

A broken woman is exhausted. She feels like she has been fighting for far too long and that she just can’t keep going anymore. Everything feels like too much for her and she just wants to give up on life altogether.

A broken woman feels empty inside. No matter what she does, she can’t seem to fill the void that is inside her soul. She feels lost and alone in the world, even when surrounded by people who love her dearly.


A woman who is broken is often insecure. She may feel like she isn’t good enough, or that she doesn’t deserve love and happiness. She may be afraid to let anyone get too close, for fear of being hurt or rejected. A broken woman may also have low self-esteem, and feel like she isn’t worth anything. She may be depressed, anxious, or even suicidal. If you know someone who seems to fit this description, reach out to them and offer your support.

Looking at kind gestures with skepticism

When you’ve been hurt before, it’s only natural to be guarded. You don’t want to let anyone in, because you’re afraid of getting hurt again. But sometimes, that can mean that you start to see kindness as anything but kind.

If someone goes out of their way to do something nice for you, it might not register as such. Instead, your first thought is likely to be “what do they want from me?” or “they must be up to something.” It can be hard to believe that someone would just do something because they care, without ulterior motives.

This is especially true if the person being kind is someone who you don’t know well. A stranger holding the door open for you isn’t going to trigger the same response as a close friend offering to help with your car repairs. The latter might feel like a genuine act of kindness, while the former can feel like an inconvenience at best and suspicious at worst.

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between genuine kindness and ulterior motives, but there are some things that can help clue you in. If someone goes out of their way to help you without being asked or expecting anything in return, it’s more likely that they’re just being kind for the sake of it. If they go out of their way to help you with something that they know is important to you, even if it’s not convenient for them, that’s another good sign too.

It’s also worth considering why someone might be acting kind in the first place. If there’s no obvious benefit for them – say, they don’t stand to gain anything by helping you – then it’s more likely that their intentions are purer than if there was some sort of gain involved.

Of course, none of this is foolproof – people are complex creatures and often defy easy categorization! – but it can give you a better sense of whether or not someone’s intentions are pure when they do something nice for you.

Inability to show affection

A broken woman is someone who is unable to show affection. This may be due to a number of reasons, including emotional damage from past relationships, or a lack of trust in people. A broken woman may also have difficulty forming new relationships, as she may be afraid of getting hurt again. If you know someone who seems unable to show affection, it’s important to be patient and understanding. Try not to take it personally, and offer your support if she wants to open up about her feelings.