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Foods That Help in Treating Colds – Fast Cold Remedies

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Nutrients found in food help in treating the common cold, they are essential for the body’s ability to recover from the fight with a viral infection. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins actively participate in recovering vitality, the most necessary during the healing of a cold.

Eating during a cold

Besides intense hydration, the body needs a rich diet full of nutrients, so they can effectively fight the virus that affects the normal functionality of the body. Proteins are needed to maintain the health of the body and strengthen immunity, so they should not miss of the menu when cold symptoms manifest.

Lean meat (chicken or fish), legumes, dairy products, eggs and oleaginous fruits are excellent sources of protein. The recommended daily dose of these nutrients is minimum 50 grams. When you eat foods rich in protein, you benefit from the healing properties of other nutrients – vitamins B6 and B12, both contributing to immune system health.

Viral infection

Vitamin B6 is available in a number of foods and are generally rich in proteins, such as turkey meat, beans, potatoes, spinach and fortified grains. Proteins in meat, milk and fish are accompanied by vitamin B12, a powerful immune stimulant.

Minerals such as selenium and zinc, participate in maintaining the health of the immune system. You can take significant amounts of these minerals in beans, nuts and meat. Flavonoids are other important nutrients in the healing process during a cold, being responsible for the color of fruits and flowers. Recent studies show that flavonoids from citrus’s white peel activates the immune system and helps the body to fight viruses. Grapefruit, oranges and lemons are rich sources of flavonoids.

Glutathione is another nutrient effective in fighting viral infections. It is a powerful antioxidant found in cruciferous vegetables (kale cabbage, broccoli, cabbage) or fruits (watermelon red pulp).

Equally important is the diet to be varied during recovery in case of colds, because focusing on one nutrient does not ensure nutritional balance, so necessary for immunity.

– Dishes beneficial in treating colds

In addition to the general rules of eating during a cold, there are some specific foods that can help improve and even make the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

Ice cream based on natural fruit juice – Ice cream made ​​from natural fruit juice can help relieve discomfort caused by irritation and sore throat, supplementing the amount of water that your body needs to recover.

This simple dessert can contribute to thinning mucus and airway congestion. It is important to go for ice cream made ​​from 100% fruit juice (apple, grape or strawberry), prepared at home (this way you will avoid added water, sugar and synthetic fragrances).

– Turkey meat sandwich

Since pure proteins are essential for the body strength, a sandwich with turkey meat can be very effective in treating colds. Even if appetite is lacking, eating this snack help supplement the body’s energy reserves. Season the turkey sandwich with fresh cranberry sauce, which adds a touch of flavor and contributing to the nutritional value of the product.

– Fresh vegetable juice

Vegetable juice

If vegetable salads are difficult to consume during a cold, the same foods in juice form can be much more appealing. The body will have a healthy serving (much needed) of antioxidants. Fresh vegetable juice can be the right snack right in the moments of cravings for something sweet.

– Chicken soup

Nourishing and hydrating, chicken soup has proven to be an effective remedy for seasonal colds. This culinary recipe has antiinflammatory effects and is an intense moisturizer. Scientific evidence shows that chicken soup enhance the ability of cilia (tiny hairs from air passages) to protect the body against viruses and bacteria contacted from the outside.

– Garlic sauces

It is well known that garlic has antimicrobial and immunostimulatory properties, so it is an absolutely necessary ingredient in dishes consumed during a cold. Sauces and soups with garlic hasten healing and relieve nasal congestion.

– Ginger tea

Ginger tea has been useful in fighting inflammation and is a great natural remedy for nausea and dizziness. Drink ginger root in any form, not only as an infusion, grated or sprinkled over various dishes (ginger powder).

Remedies for cold

– Hot tea with honey and lemon

Any hot herbal tea, seasoned with honey and lemon, provide numerous benefits when treating a cold – antioxidants rush healing, steam decongest the airways, lemon heal the throat and citric acid strengthens the immune system. It is preferable to avoid teas that contain caffeine (black tea, green tea, etc..), as this substance can increase inflammation in the body.

– Mashed banana

Sliced ​​or mashed bananas are recommended for quicker healing of colds, especially if among symptoms include nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

– Protein shakes

If the loss of appetite appears, you can provide for the body the rich nutrients it needs through protein shakes, such as chocolate or strawberry. Choose such beverages without lactose, and with at least 6 grams of protein per serving.