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Ginger Pear Bellini + Next Day Pear Spinach Detox Juice

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Now that Santa’s left town you know what that means, right? Time to party! And if there’s one day to do a beverage right, it’s definitely New Year’s Eve. This year we’re making pears work double time – a ginger pear champagne cocktail for New Year’s Eve and a detoxifying green juice for the morning after.

When it comes to cocktails, I like to keep it simple. Then you can add a not-so-common flavor combination – like pear and ginger – to make it feel fancy. For this Bellini all you need to do is make a simple syrup, puree some fruit and pop open a bottle of bubbly.
The next morning, throw pears, ginger and spinach in the juicer and say goodbye to that hangover while you say hello to 2015. So basically I’m giving my blessing to enjoy as many Bellinis as you want (and I’m betting you’ll want a few when you taste these!) because we’ve got the morning after headache covered.


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