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Habits That Strengthen Your Immune System

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Healthy immune system

There’s no need for big changes to be healthy. If you embrace a few beneficial habits, you will help keep your immune system up.

Wash your hands often:

Perhaps this is quite normal, but how many times you went to the restaurant, sit at the table and eat without washing your hands? Or, how often you eat at your desk while you do your job? The keyboard and mouse are collecting lots of bacteria, and when you eat, you can take a few of them. Wash your hands often, to keep away bacteria that can affect your immune system.

Healthy immune system

Drink green tea:

Green tea has many benefits for the body. A moderate consumption of green tea increases metabolism, maintain normal cholesterol levels and prevent dental disease by destroying the bacteria that lead to their appearance. If you take antibiotics, and at the same time you drink green tea, bacteria will be destroyed three times faster than if you opt only for medication.

Wearing shoes with medium heels:

Experts recommend wearing shoes with a heel of about 4 cm, because neither too high or too low heels will not benefit the body. Medium heels are designed to strengthen pelvic muscles, joints, and do not cause muscle strains, as high heels – involving a tense posture.

You need to go to the toilet? Don’t wait!

Many people are avoiding the toilet when needed, under the pretext that they don’t have time. But according to recent studies, even those who abstain for a few minutes endanger heart health. When the bladder is full, the heart is under pressure, and this can get quite serious, especially for people who are prone to heart attack.