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Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

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Carrot juice health benefits

Why is it recommended to drink one glass of carrot juice per day? Because it is an anti-aging elixir and speeds healing to many illnesses. The most important nutrient that the carrot contains is beta-carotene (a substance that increases the body’s resistance to diseases), the precursor of vitamin A.

Furthermore, beta-carotene is an important antioxidant that helps maintain and restore good visual acuity. All beta-carotene in carrots helps to support the epithelial tissue surrounding the internal organs.

A glass of carrot juice per day effectively cleans your liver of toxins and helps slow the aging process.

Carrot juice health benefits

Specialists recommend carrot juice to patients in the treatment of various diseases and cancer prevention. In case of serious illness, patients must follow a course of several days in which to include in their menu carrot and apple juice.

The recipe is as follows: 5-7 sliced carrots and a kilo of diced apples mixed in a blender, the juice produced is taken during the day.

It is good to drink only fresh juice. If you leave it in the refrigerator or at room temperature for several hours, the juice loses important nutrients.