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Health Benefits of Cherries – Good For Weight Loss and Prevents Aging

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Health benefits of cherries

Summer is the time when cherries are among the most popular fruits. And our body has everything to gain from them. With the rich content of active substances, cherries are a good source of minerals for our body, promotes digestion, helps in inflammation, promotes perspiration and can prevent or eliminate colds and flu.

These fruits are rich in sugar and gives energy for the body. They contain vitamins and minerals like B complex, C, A, potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine, iodine, selenium, etc.. Because they are rich in vitamin C, cherry helps strengthen the immune system.

Helps in weight loss cures and prevents aging:

A diet for two to three weeks with cherries can normalize bowel activity and will eliminate body toxins. Following a diet, aging is more slower, will keep the skin smooth and velvety. In the morning on an empty stomach, the cure can start with a minimum dose of 100 grams of cherries.

The cure can increases gradually to reach the end of the third week to 500 grams. While following this diet is not recommended to consume animal fats, refined sugar or alcohol. This cure is recommended especially in treating kidney or urinary tract disease, heart disease, anemia, hepatitis, colitis, obesity, dropsy, cellulite and more.

Cherry stems have important medicinal properties:

They are used mainly in the form of teas, indicated in urinary diseases, but also as diuretic. A mask of crushed cherries is recommended for dry skin, will be allowed to act for 20 minutes. Cherry nutrients have beneficial properties on skin, and, in the end the face will be rinsed with mineral water.

These fruits offer beauty for hair, nails and skin. Cherries contain vitamin A, an essential ingredient for a long, shiny and healthy hair, but also for healthy skin and strong nails. Vitamin A is found in all treatments to stimulate hair growth, nails and skin, so it is recommended to enjoy these fruits all summer and eat as many cherries as you can. Due to the melatonin, cherries are recommended for insomnia sufferers. People who have trouble sleeping can eat cherries with about two hours before bedtime.

Cherry juice – a natural lipstick:

Consumption of cherries are beneficent for the body, and the juice is a real treasure for aesthetics. Black cherry juice can be transformed into a fruity lipstick with great ease. Experts say that after washing a cherry, a piece of it must be cut and the juicy pulp passed over the lips, several times. Juice will be left to dry for a few seconds. For a more intense color, a cube of ice should be applied on the lips for several times. The result is a very natural color with shelf life of shades that is spread over a long period of time.