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Health Benefits of Nordic Walking

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Benefits of nordic walking

Even if it’s not snow, start to walk with two ski sticks. The sport of Nordic origin, is widely accessible, and has the advantage that combines the benefits of walking with a complete exercise. Sticks used for Nordic walking are working your arms, chest and dorsal muscles. Practiced in any season, Nordic walking improves cardiovascular and breathing capacity. All you need are a pair of comfortable sneakers and two straight and easy sticks.

Nordic walking has a growing popularity, although it is not invented from a long time. Can be practiced both on the street, in other places, at the beach, on hills and through forests. This natural, but complex movements that train the entire body, can keep in top shape people of all ages. Especially inactive people who have not moved for decades, should start doing this sport.

Health benefits of nordic walking

Compared to most sports who need large rooms, proper equipment and a period of adjustment time –  Nordic walking is very simple and accessible. It does not put restrictions on age, kilograms, it is not inappropriate for children who suffer from back or knee conditions. And with sticks, there is no risk of slipping in the rain or mud.

First, to succeed in having a good sync with the movement of your arms and steps, you should not impose a hard rhythm, but you should go for “fun” trying to learn as much on the go. The procedure is very simple: walk normally, trying to make your steps as large. Move your arms alternately trying to push your body forward.

Benefits of Nordic walking:

Benefits of nordic walking

– Strengthening the cardiovascular system

Nordic walking increase the pumping capacity of the heart muscle, thus accelerating blood circulation and supply the body with the needed oxygen.

– Immune system

Walking regularly in clean air strengthens our defense system. It is known that cells circulate through the body charged with protection of the lymph, and they reach different organs. This phenomenon is practically impossible in the absence of physical movement.

– Muscles

Nordic walking strengthens by 80% all the muscles engaged in movement, more than any sport. In particular: upper body, arms, back, chest, which remains at rest in normal walking without sticks.

– Fat burning

Nordic walking burns 50% more calories than regular walking, performed at the same rate.

– General wellness

Apart from fat burning, Nordic walking practice brings you the following advantage: an excellent feeling of well, due to the fact that after 30 minutes, the body releases happiness hormones – endorphins and serotonin – inducing good mood and relaxation.

Tips for those who practice Nordic walking:

– Buy a good pair of sneakers or other comfortable shoes to protect feet and avoid injury;
– Buy a pair of light ski poles without rings. Ideal length: about 70% of your height;
– Do not force yourself from the start. Your pulse must fall between 110-140 beats per minute;
– Wear easy and convenient clothes.