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Healthy Tips For A Longer Life – Part 3: Psychology

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To have a longer life, in good health and contentment, is not too complicated. It is enough to consistently apply a few simple recipes.


1. Wail: Tears allow removal of excess harmful tensions. Some even claimed that women’s longevity was due to their ability to eliminate toxins crying.

2. Talk to the trees: According to Taoist teachings, the trees have beneficial effects on longevity: turn negative energy into positive energy. Gathering in arms to a tree, will recharge your vital energy.

3. Exit the shell: Social and relational activities enhance life expectancy: people who are smoking less are socially more active, eat healthy, do regular exercise and know how to talk about their problems.

4. Look at the bright side: Optimists live longer than pessimists, and presents less risk of premature death. Happiness and optimism seem also to increase our number of immune cells, most effective weapons of our body against diseases.

5. Experiencing moments of fear: Israeli researchers say that everything is likely to make our heart beat faster, is in favor of longevity. So you can watch horror movies from time to time.

6. Recite poems: Swiss researchers have shown that people who recite poems a half hour each day, significantly reduce their stress levels and hence the risk of heart disease.

Tips For A Longer Life

7. Study: California researchers found that women who took a high or advanced degree are less prone to heart disease than their less educated companions.

8. Rely on your intelligence: Recently, British scientists published a study concerning the relationship between intelligence quotient (IQ) and longevity. According to the results presented for a period of 60 years, the most intelligent individuals are most likely to die last.

9. Give yourself a green plant: People living in rural areas have a higher life expectancy than that of the townsfolk. A study of the Tokyo Medical Center has shown that the urban population living near green spaces are aging more slowly.

10. Relationship with mother: A study from Harvard Medical School found that people in a cold relationships with their mothers are exposed much higher (91%) of contracting a serious disease, in adulthood.

11. Write your feelings on paper: Dr. Pamela Peeke of the University of Baltimore informs you: “Three minutes to express some thoughts in a journal or a few written words to a friend are enough to relieve feelings of stress.” Proof? After four months of incitement for writing, 47% of asthmatic patients who are on treatment have experienced an improvement in symptoms.

12. Go to the cinema: Watching a movie, or a play, or concert hall this helps us live longer – these are the conclusions of a Swedish study conducted on 12,000 people. 36% of lovers of cultural events have touched literally hundred years and is still in power, this stimulates the immune system.

13. Dream: According to neurologists, dreams serve to establish connections between the brain stored memories during the day and old memories. For psychoanalysis, dreams allow the expression of neglected aspects of our personality. In both cases, dreaming is a way to be in harmony with ourselves, so to avoid irritability and behavioral disorders that lurk persons deprived of sleep.