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Home Remedies For Indigestion – Cure Stomach Pain

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Indigestion is caused by the increase or decrease gastric acid secretion and other enzymes with an important role in digestion. Symptoms include heartburn, gas, nausea and feeling bloated. Esophageal reflux is caused by stomach acid from the stomach, which climbs the esophagus.

Stomach acid, and esophagus burn feeling:

Heartburn occurs because some gastric juices from the stomach climb up to the esophagus. When these acids make contact with the esophagus, its walls receive those burning specific pain. Indigestion and heartburn are usually caused by surplus of nutrition, obesity, heavy foods, chocolate, carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. Indigestion can occur if you eat when you are nervous, angry or sad.

Eliminating these feelings make a first step in preventing indigestion. Try to eat small portions, slowly, limit your intake of fluids with meals, avoid spicy foods and opt for all the carbohydrates found in cereals, breads, brown rice and pasta. Avoid eating fruit with meals or immediately after eating. Try to rest more at night and be relaxed when you eat.

Very effective home remedies against indigestion:

Carrot and beet juice, drink in the morning on an empty stomach, will keep the stomach in a good condition.

Here are some teas recommended by experts:

Mint tea, due to antispasmodic effect on the digestive system is a good cure for stomach cramps.
Chamomile tea is an antispasmodic and has an anti-inflammatory effect, removing the gas issue.
Elm tea helps protect the stomach lining because it contains a very powerful antiulcer agent.
Ginger tea reduces gas, bloating and pain.
Aloe vera gel soothes stomach pains.
Charcoal tablets are useful for pain caused by gas.

Correct body position during sleep:

To reduce pain at night, you can use pillows to help you stay at least 15cm higher. This position will lessen the pressure on the stomach and prevent the movement of its contents to the esophagus.

Do not sleep immediately after eating.

Wait 2 hours, take a walk and then you can sleep. Rest in the bed on the left side of the body because the stomach is easier in this position. Stress, obesity, and the pressure on the stomach may cause indigestion. These causes can be eliminated if you exercise regularly, walking, cycling or swimming.

Aromatherapy comes to help sufferers of stomach pain:

Aromatherapy can help relieve pain from an upset stomach. Essential oils from plants can be used in an infusion or diluted with almond or olive oil (plants oil, 4 drops of almond oil, and 30 grams of olive oil). With this mixture you can massage the abdomen. The most effective herbs are: peppermint, marjoram, caraway, coriander.

More useful tips for a painful stomach:

– For heartburn. Drink a large glass of water as soon as you have this feeling. This will dilute the acid and it will push it back into the stomach.
– Drink fresh potato juice. Squeeze in a potato peel and drink the juice results.
– Do not sleep. Remain standing to allow stomach acid to remain in the stomach.
– Do not eat anything that contains caffeine because it irritates the esophagus. Tobacco has the same bad effect.
– Reduce consumption of carbonated drinks because they tend to balloon and creates a feeling of discomfort.
– Beware of antidepressants and sedatives because they worsen heartburn. Aspirin has also the same effect.