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Honey – The Sweet Cure For Infertility

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Honey is a wonderful food, known for its medicinal properties. Honey contains many freely determinable ingredients easily digestible by the human body. Honey has multivitamin tonics, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Regular use of honey can improve physical strength, can strengthen the immune system, can treat infertility and reduce mental stress.

Honey has been used for many centuries to enhance fertility. It is rich in minerals and amino acids that are beneficial to the reproductive system and can assist the functioning of ovaries.

Yunani teachings, and alternative medicine, recommends honey for thousands of years to improve male and female fertility. They recommend honey as a remedy for men suffering from impotence and women who suffer from infertility. They believe that honey improves sperm quality in men, and for women, honey strengthens the ovaries and uterus.

Honey Cure For Infertility

Sexual virility is related to three major organs of the body of a man, and these bodies use glucose and fructose for energy. Honey is the best source for obtaining these substances.

Honey is rich in vitamin B, necessary for the production of testosterone. Some studies have shown that honey can increase the level of testosterone in the body.

Honey, called “nectar of the gods”, is known since ancient times as a powerful aphrodisiac. Recent studies have tried to explain the property of honey.

It seems that the most interesting theory is related to nitric oxide – a hormone involved in opening blood vessels, which creates an erection (as Viagra). A good dose of honey (about a hundred grams) can increase nitric oxide levels in the blood by 50%. Contributes to the perception of an aphrodisiac because honey is sweet and sticky, making it seem as a sensual food.


Honey can be consumed alone or dissolved in milk.


Men can eat two tablespoons of honey (or simply dissolved in milk) every night before bed. Women can eat half a teaspoon of honey with a hint of cinnamon all before bedtime each night.