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Hot Pepper And Its Effects on Our Health – Chili Pepper Remedies

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In the homeopathic treatment is often mentioned that pepper is an herb that promotes longevity and is a powerful stimulant and can cure various diseases. For medicinal purposes, it is used as a tea or as gelatin capsules, taken with a glass of water. Cayenne pepper is a tropical species that have small flowers and dry fruit with many flat seeds.

The burning taste of the plant is specific. Paprika is a version of its sweetest. Paprika pepper, very spicy, is made from fruit of different species. It is used as a remedy against various diseases. For example, for fever, drink a paprika tea plus sugar and orange juice. Hot pepper is considered an agent that increases fertility and combat senility, it is also a remedy for scarlet fever and can combat seasickness.

For all diseases which generates weakness, namely anemia, lack of appetite, apathy, fatigue, hot pepper is a valuable tonic agent, which help the body overcome illness and regain balance. To combat fatigue, can be given a small dose of pepper, 1-3 seeds in cold water. Hot pepper has a spicy taste, which persists for a longer time.

Chili Pepper Remedies

Reaching the stomach, is causing a pleasant sensation of warmth, which quickly spread throughout the whole body, and adjust the flow. Therefore, it is used as the anti-inflammatory remedy and for treating diseases caused by abnormal accumulation of blood in a certain place in the body. For colds, upset stomach, dyspepsia, spasms, palpitations, especially in the acute state, the patient is given a warm decoction of pepper in small doses, repeated every 1/2 hours with 2 tablespoons. In allopathic medicine, hot pepper is used as ointment composition and can be found in many pharmacies.

The substance responsible for the hot taste in chili pepper can kill cancer cells directly attacking their source of energy, mitochondria, without damaging surrounding cells. This miraculous substance could be the basis for a new generation of cancer drugs, according to many researchers. Researchers believe that drugs based on the heat which are already on the market and are used for certain diseases such as psoriasis, may be adapted to treat a broader range of cancer diseases.

The best natural treatment for heart and blood vessels are based on pepper

Hot pepper helps eliminate cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. Properties to fortify our body, because it contains vitamins A, C, PP, E and B.
Also reduces the possibility of blood clots, dilated capillaries, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Has antispasmodic effects. It is therefore recommended for relieving muscle spasms, particularly in the shoulder, arm or column.

Hot pepper is contraindicated in gastric inflammation or ulcer cases.