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How Can You Tell if a Wound Is Infected

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Wound Infected

When a wound is infected, it can be difficult to tell without looking at it closely. The wound may be red and warm to the touch, and there may be pus or other drainage. The area around the wound may also be swollen.

Pus. Pus or cloudy fluid is draining from the wound

If pus or cloudy fluid is draining from your wound, it could be a sign of infection. Seek medical attention if you see pus coming from your wound or if the area around your wound is red, swollen, and painful. A small amount of pus is normal when wounds heal, but too much can be a sign of infection.

Red Area. Increasing redness occurs around the wound

If the redness continues to spread and gets worse, this is a sign of infection.

If the redness starts to spread up your arm or leg, this is a sign of infection.

If you have a fever along with the redness, this is also a sign of infection. Swelling. The area around your wound may start to swell.: If the swelling gets worse over time, this is a sign of infection. Discharge (pus). You may see pus coming from your wound.: If the pus is yellow or green in color, this is usually a sign that your wound is infected. Fevers or chills. You may develop fevers or chills if you have an infected wound.: A temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) warrants immediate medical attention as it may be indicative of sepsis, which can be life-threatening. Increased pain around the wound.: If you have an infected wound, it will likely be quite painful. This pain will usually worsen over time as the infection progresses.

Red Streak

A red streak on the skin is a linear area of redness that extends from the initial site of injury or infection. It may appear as a single line or as a web-like network of connected lines. A red streak is usually accompanied by swelling and tenderness. It can also be accompanied by fever, chills, and general malaise. A red streak is often an early sign of infection and requires prompt medical attention.

More Pain

Other symptoms of an infected wound include:

-redness and swelling around the wound -warmth to the touch -oozing or drainage from the wound -crusting or scab bing on the wound surface -foul odor coming from the wound.

More Swelling

If a wound is infected, it will usually be redder, hotter, and more swollen than a non-infected wound. The area around the wound may also be painful. Pus or other drainage from the wound can also be a sign of infection.

Swollen Node

If you have a swollen lymph node, it may feel hard and enlarged. The area around the lymph node may also be red and tender. This can often happen when you have an infection or other illness.