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How I Lost Weight Eating Healthy Foods and Indian Herbs – 13 Kg in Three Months

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How i lost weight

I’m the kind of person who does not believe in diets that make you a model in two weeks. I had the opportunity to see serious metabolic disorders in girls that tried all kinds of diets during college. I also know a few who have come to suffer from anorexia, because all the diets. I am not for starvation and all the diets who ask you to eat one boiled egg and a lettuce leaf, I don’t consider these diets from the start. I always avoided them because I believe these are stupid methods which don’t work to lose weight in a healthy manner.

On the other hand, I must admit I’m not the most active person in the world. I mean yes, not much sleep and a lot of work, but this does not mobilize my muscles or tone my abdomen to turn me into a fit person. I think these two are the most unhealthy methods that anyone can practice – too much work and not enough sleep.

However, since August 2011 I began to use a unique recipe that blends Indian herbs with a powerful antioxidant named NAC. I’ve gathered some extra kilos last year and I wasn’t felt too good in my skin. By using this recipe I was not forced into eating too little, nor I was required to eat at fixed times and also did not put in my daily menu suspicious stuff that I would not give even to a street-wander dog.

It’s pretty simple. Along with the use of Indian-based weight loss and detox formula, I gave up completely on carbohydrates and sugars, soda drinks and alcohol and started to do a minimum of movement. Walking, climbing and descending stairs and several rounds in the pool, more for my pampering.

The first two weeks were the hardest. I think I dreamed all sorts of pasta and pizza. One night I dreamed a very large river of Cola (yes, I was the kind of person who consumed at least 2 liters of Cola daily!). In addition, I was in a very dubious position when one night I asked the bartender for plain water instead of vodka with apple juice. Otherwise, everything went very well.

I replaced coke with tea, pasta with various vegetables, red meat with white meat (fish and chicken) and I dropped snacks to chew on. Because I do not like to eat the same thing every day, I turned with confidence to many various food recipes, but maintaining the rules above. I lost 10 kg so far and I still have 2 weeks to finish the treatment. I estimate a maximum of 13 Kg lost, a million dollar tone and a skin that looks much better. I combined this weight loss treatment with the rules above, which fortunately, they combined perfectly.

Sometimes I’m craving for some ice cream, but I think that there’s a little more and soon I’m going to enjoy a magnificent vanilla ice cream.

So, many thanks to ancient Indians! If you know someone who wants to lose weight please tell about this article and about this safe and healthy weight loss treatment. Losing 10-15 kg in a healthy way in just three months is not something you can easily find these days. Especially that after this treatment you will not get your weight back because the body no longer requires unhealthy stuff, as the treatment promises.