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How To Be Healthy

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They say it’s better to prevent than to treat, and on the idea of this principle, we will discuss some methods of prevention and treatment, very cheap and convenient.

1). Shiver. Although it would seem like something meaningless, scientists say that a shake for several minutes is an excellent exercise for strengthening the immune system. Especially for the most reluctant to this kind of prevention is better to say that doctors have discovered that if you go out for a few minutes wearing thin clothes, despite outside is cold, the body activates a large amount of antibodies.

2). Activated antibodies. They are not incited to defend us, our antibodies are lazy all day long, and now when winter knocks on the window, it is imperative that they change their “attitude”, and they start to guard us against any surprise. To do this, no matter how crazy the exercise may seem, it is extremely useful. They will be activated and ready to attack any “intruder”.

3). Alternative showers. A very effective exercise which was also hit by some restraint at first, but is very popular, especially among the methods of maintaining body beauty. People seized most of the time can find a real source of health: alternative showers – hot and cold, practiced every morning. The cold shock is a stimulant for the immune system. All cells in the body is refreshing as you clap. Note, however: cold water should never touch cool skin.

4). Walk. Whatever the weather, make one short walk, the air is always an free ally of health. And if you can walk in the rain the better, that’s because the body tries to cope with new challenges, changes in temperature, or reducing the flow of blood pumping, but prolonged exposure can be reversal: decreases blood flow, and therefore the number of antibodies, in conclusion, resulting in a free way for pathogens.

5). Exercise. This advice is already well known, however, few give about half an hour of their day for relaxation of the body, with a few light movements. No need to run two hours on a treadmill, or pedal about 50 minutes without interruption, but a series of breathing exercises and muscle relaxation can do wonders for your body. Numerous studies have shown that after moderate practice of sport, our cells multiply the number of antibodies.

But if the body is drained of power, their number falls well below normal index. And then viruses and bacteria that can extend into the body may triumph.

6). Sleep. It seems that multiplication process of antibodies in our body is most intense at night, so don’t schedule a halved sleep, 8 hours is enough for body recovery.

7). Do not forget the vitamins and healthy food. It is obvious that, especially in cold seasons, more than ever, the body needs help. A healthy and balanced diet will keep you away from hospitals.