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How To Treat Neck Pain

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How to relieve neck pain

Over their lifetime, many people suffer from neck pain, but this pain becomes a torture when it is systematically returned when you do not expect. Neck pain, like torticollis are common and always very painful. To get rid of it, sometimes it is necessary to resort to pain medication, but sometimes an efficient relief can be found through simple procedures.


When a person is suffering from neck pain, neck muscles are strong and contracted and head movements are painful, in some cases the pain is radiating to his back and arms. Torticollis occurs when it is impossible to keep his head straight, sometimes the pain in the neck is associated with a burning or tingling in the arm, identified with cervicobrachial neuralgia.

If other cases with the same problem, but with slightly different symptoms, the head is little by little tilt to left or right, then the head is swinging back and forth, this can last for several weeks or even months.

In most cases, the pain is caused by muscle tension in terms of inappropriate position, lying or sitting. Furthermore, some diseases of the neck spine or shoulder can cause torticollis. Example is the situation of intervertebral disc disease (herniated neck disc) or an arthrosis in the intervertebral joints in the neck.

How to relieve neck pain

Spasmodic torticollis causes are little known. It is believed that this is a malfunction related with disorders of brain areas or a chronic irritation to the nerve that controls the contracted muscles. In case of children, a lock of the neck muscles is sometimes associated with ear, neck or teeth infections. The most common cause is meningitis, frequently accompanied by fever and headache, situations in which you must call the doctor without any delay.

When the origin of muscle pain and congestion is a simple contraction of muscles, there are no complications. Instead, for herniated neck disc, additional tests are recommended to identify the type of nerve fibers affected by the hernia. If fibers are also responsible for overseeing the affected hand and the arm movements, you may need a surgery to relieve the pressure on that area.

How to relieve neck pain?

– Adopt the lying position, with your head laying, the posture relaxes the cervical spine, which in most cases relieves pain.

– Use heat (for example, a warm bath) for relaxing muscles and alleviate pain (in pharmacies there are various products that generate the greenhouse effect).

– Often, simultaneous treatment with kinesiotherapy has the same relaxing effect and mitigation of pain.

When to take action?

– If you neck is “stiff” and accompanied by fever, chills, headache, confusion and sleepiness;

– If your neck pain is often accompanied by twinge and followed by speech problems, muscle weakness of the arm or leg or, at another level, the disturbances in vision;

– If vomiting appears, you can’t watch light directly, dizziness, ringing in the ears;

– If the pain radiates into the shoulder and arm, and a hand show symptom of paralysis;

– If neck pain is strong enough to restrain you to sleep;

– If after 48 hours of medication the pain did not decrease in intensity.