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Ideal Drinks For Winter

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Drinks during winter

Hydration is the essence for the maintenance of your health. Vital processes depend on fluid intake, and the quantity and quality of these fluids. The body needs for liquids do not vary too much with the season change.

In summer, during hot periods, we feel the need for more fluids, but our body also needs enough water in cold periods. In addition, proper hydration in the cold is as important as moisture in summer.

There is the erroneous idea that winter decreases the need of body fluids, an idea that may prove very dangerous.

The rule of eight glasses of water per day remains valid both in winter and in summer. However, those eight glasses are a standard amount. In fact, it is desirable that 75-80% of water intake come from liquids (water, tea, coffee, soup), while 15-20% from food, fruit and vegetables.

Drinks during winter

During cold-weather body loses as much fluid through sweat, breath and urine, and good hydration prevents the unpleasant effects of dry skin and supports a good functioning of kidneys. Proper hydration is the first step to provide a pulse of immunity. On the one hand, for healthy lymphocytes, on the other because it keeps the natural moisture of the respiratory mucosa, which is a natural barrier in the hold of viruses and bacteria.

What is advisable to drink in winter? First, quit cold drinks. The best way to maintain a good hydration during winter are warm drinks (not hot), vegetable soup, skim milk, warm cocoa or fresh fruit juice, which were heated at room temperature.

However, the best way to stay hydrated is to drink plenty of water. Avoid sodas, drinks containing sugar and those with artificial sweeteners. An ideal solution is the combination of fruit and vegetable juices and water. Ideal percentage is 30% fruit juice and 70% water. This will act as a great supplement of vitamins and minerals without excess calories.

Another option is the fruit compote, but without added sugar. Apples, quinces and pears are very well suited for such preparations. Stewed fruit without sugar, is a healthy drink, warm and with pleasant taste.