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Ingrown Fingernail Can Cause Finger Amputation

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Ingrown fingernail remedy

Ingrown fingernail occurs when nails continue to grow in soft tissues from the vicinity. Most often occurs in the legs, especially in large finger nails.

Why there?

Ingrown fingernail curve occurs when it is too large. Moreover, wearing inappropriate footwear the lateral forces pressed the nail to grow under the skin and this can cause an infection.

These factors are added to the lack of proper hygiene, improper cutting of toenails and bacterial or fungal foot infections in that fragile skin around the nail.

Ingrown fingernail remedy


It manifests itself by increasing a corner or an entire side of the nail under the skin bordering the blade angle, causing pain while walking. As the disease gets worse, there is a painful swelling, infection can occur, with pus and bleeding. Untreated, ingrown fingernail can cause finger amputation!

How is it treated?

We recommend bed rest and administration of anti-inflammatory products. Later, are required antibiotic treatments and surgery for eliminating the ingrown nail corner, and nail width will be reduced to prevent recurrence of this disease.

Here’s how to prevent ingrown fingernail:

– Avoid narrow shoes that press the nail from lateral sides;
– Do not wear tight shoes in summer;
– Override-heeled shoes, which transmits through side straps, all the weight to thumbs;
– Toenails should not be cut obliquely, but straight, without rounding on the corners.