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Lavender, A Natural Sedative

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Lavender blooms from May to August and has blue, purple, violet and white flowers. It is a natural sedative and is recommended for the treatment of depression, anxiety, epilepsy, spasmophilia and panic attacks, but also in cases of nervous irritability, exhaustion, vertigo, hysteria, melancholy moods.

For chronic insomnia treatment is recommended before bedtime, add the essence of lavender in bath for a relaxing effect. For a good and restful sleep, for people suffering from insomnia, it is recommended to fill a bag with lavender and keep it near the pillow where you sleep.

Also, before bedtime you can drink a hot tea, sweetened with a teaspoon of honey, the tea mixture is made of hay with lavender, in equal parts. Decoction of the flowers of lavender is beneficial in treating renal colic, kidney infections, blood urea and cystitis.

Lavender tincture is prepared from fresh or dried flower powder. Fill the jar with fresh flowers, then pour over food alcohol, brandy or vodka home. Allow it to soak for two weeks, after which the liquid is filtered and stored in dark bottles in a cold place.

For internal use, take a teaspoon of lavender tincture dissolved in water, three or four times a day. Externally, lavender can be mixed with boiling water and then cooled, tincture is used in fever, wounds, stinging, burns, in the form of compresses. Even if it is hard to support on wounds or burns, the effects are miraculous and can heal without leaving traces. For treating hair loss is recommended abundant massage with a lavender based solution at the roots of the hair, then the hair will be covered with lavender oil and let to act for 10 minutes.

In the past, lavender oil was used for perfuming cosmetic products. Today, can be used both for his external analgesic properties, healing, and soothing in colds, flu, fever, wounds, abscesses, boils, sores, and internally as an antiseptic, diuretic, carminative, calming. For internal use is recommended to use oil from the pharmacy, but you should read the label very carefully.

Lavender oil can be prepared at home using olive, safflower or sesame oil and lavender flowers. In a jar, place 800 grams of dried lavender flowers and eight tablespoon of dried and chopped lavender flowers, then pour over 300 ml of oil. If you want more solution, double or triple the amounts. Mix well with a wooden spoon, cover the jar, shake well and leave to soak for 48 hours, near a heat source, during this time the jar must be shaked at every 12 hours.

After this period, the mixture is filtered through a gauze, squeeze well all flowers to gather the essential oil then put back into jar and add eight tablespoons of fresh lavender leaves. Let it soak for another 48 hours. The oil thus obtained is kept in dark bottles in a cold place, and can be used in combination with water.