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Lifestyle and Stress

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You feel like swimming against the tide all the time? It would be better to give more attention to your biorhythm to get more from life. You often wake up at about the same time, even before the alarm goes on? You know why this is happening? There is a very simple explanation: your inner clock works, and your body automatically adjusts itself to a state of complete rest during the night. In your body has already begun the production of stress hormones, known by doctors as ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone).

Because of this, the body begins to charge like a car battery, and in a few moments you are able to jump out of bed like a spring, ready for another day of work. If this is happening daily you deserve congratulations. You’re a balanced person and your inner clock is “ticking” correctly.

Unfortunately you are an exception. Most people today are living in conflict with their internal clocks. And this is generated by excessive stress and which relates that their activities are unpleasant.

Maybe some of you are unbalanced and you feel you need more peace and balance. In this case the solution is simple: you just need to become aware that internal organs and metabolic processes have their own pace, and then you can organize and plan up your daily schedule as required by your body.

Take every opportunity to get air and sun. We spend far too much time in dark places and enclosed areas, without airflow. Electric lighting in these rooms, only 50-500 lux, is too weak. Your inner clock needs at least 1,000 lux to keep pace. Exercises in fresh air helps you recharge your batteries. These advices may seem too simple, but some activity in nature and a good sleep is all you need to be balanced.