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Marjoram – Treatment and Cures With Marjoram Plant

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Marjoram (Majorana hortensis) is an aromatic and spicy plant in which composition were not discovered immunostimulatory qualities.  However, it is probably one of the most rapid solution to increase immunity, which can save us when the flu outbreak is imminent or in cold seasons. The marjoram secret is the rapid effects of increasing body temperature, producing a kind of warm feeling at the foot level (not unpleasant), which allows the immune system to act extremely efficiently in our whole body.

In fact, fever is a very controversial issue in medicine, more and more researchers arguing that in certain limits is extremely beneficial for the body, high temperature is a support role for specific immune cells in the neutralization of microbes. The fact is that 2-3 cups of marjoram tea, besides producing an intense perspiration, will make our body warm, which is essential in treating the disease from the early stages. Find below how marjoram manages various conditions and to whom he is particularly recommended this remedy.

How to use marjoram?

A teaspoon of marjoram powder (you can find in most herbal stores, even in the food-shops as a spice) in a cup of hot water, leave for 15 minutes, then filter and drink as hot. Drink two to four cups of hot infusion of marjoram in a time of two hours, which will produce a strong heating of the body, and a feeling of relaxation in all muscles. It is better not to make large quantities of tea at once.


It is also useful to prepare some changes of clothes, because we sweat heavily during this treatment. This treatment is applied daily, more than three times (while we must guard against the cold and will avoid fatigue), is really beneficial when we feel sick with the flu, in the very early stages of disease.

To whom is recommended marjoram ?

First, it is very good for cold people who have circulatory problems translated into cold extremities or face fatigue and muscle stiffness. Also, this treatment has antidepressant effects and is therefore an excellent remedy for the psychological moments of impasse, when diseases can occur as a consequence of fatigue, sadness or our lack of inner tone.

This treatment is very suitable for overweight people because can retain a lot of water in the body, its diuretic and has diaphoretic effects making it a powerful and ideal remedy, either for short or long term weight loss cures.

Precautions and contraindications of treatment with marjoram:

This plant will not be used by people with hypertension who had strokes, or by people which already have high levels of fever (above 38 degrees Celsius).