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Medicinal Properties of Narrow Leaf Plantain

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Narrow leaf plantain featured

Narrow leaf plantain is an herb that can grow 30 cm high and has leaves as sharp spears. The flowers are located on the spheroidal termination of long stems. Active elements of the plant have soothing effect on the cough, stabilizes too intense or slow activity of the gut.

From this plant can be used its roots, stem, flowers and seeds. It cleanses the stomach, it is therefore recommended for those people who have insufficient or “bad” blood, liver and kidney problems, who look pale, with skin eruptions, eczema, and for treating cough.

Narrow leaf plantain flower

Harvesting: The leaves are picked in spring, before flowering plants. It must be dried rapidly at temperatures between 30-50 degrees Celsius.


Tea: One teaspoon of herb to 250 grams of water – scald, and leave for 1 minute.

Compresses: Fresh leaves are washed and crushed, until it forms a paste which is applied locally.

Syrup: two handfuls of washed plantain leafs are passed through the meat grinder. Add a little water, 300 grams of raw sugar and 250 grams of honey. Let everything simmer on low heat with constant stirring until it forms a viscous liquid which is poured hot into jars, and then keep in the refrigerator.

Therapeutic indications:

Narrow leaf plantain medicinal properties

Asthma – A good treatment for asthma can be made with narrow leaf plantain tea and syrup.

Heartburn – narrow and broad leaf plantain tea and syrup. Wash the leaves well, then mash them.The juice obtained (including herbal porridge) is consumed raw, 3-4 times daily until disappearance of burns.